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The Wonders of Biological Soap Powder!

I think biological soap powders are wonderful but not on clothes if you have sensitive skin like mine.

I use them in the kitchen for burnt bakeware especially glass or ceramic ovenware. They work wonders!!!

I always have some supermarket brand biological powder in the cupboard. All I do is put a quarter of a mug full of biological powder into the baked ovenware, fill with hot water and leave it overnight.

In the morning, pour away the water; give it a very gentle scrub; rinse thoroughly in hot water and it should have returned to its former glory.

You can also use the same method for tea stains in mugs etc. Just bear in mind that you will need a smaller amount since the mugs are smaller.

However, a word of caution….. if you have expensive ovenware, I would go easy on the biological powder. For example, I wouldn’t use biological powder on my Le Creuset saucepans and bakeware. I simply dare not!

I have also used biological powder which I made into a thick paste with water to rub over communion wine stains on the Mhinisteir’s Cassock Alb!

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Curate Season

Another year and another new batch of Deacons in the Church of England will be going to their respective parishes to start their 3 year Curacy.  They will be known as Curates.

This year, we too are getting a new curate who will be with us for 3 years DV.  Sadly not all Curacies are success stories.  There is often a breakdown in relationship between the training incumbent and the curate which is very regrettable.

About a year or so ago, there was an article/letter in the Church Times which stated that most breakdowns are caused by Jealousy.  Not the curates, rather the training incumbent getting jealous of the Curate’s popularity.

Anyway, Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Ordination service has been postponed as the Bishop MUST lay his/her hands on the Deacons to ordain them.  Instead, We will have a welcome service via zoom.  Until the Ordination is complete, the curates will be known as PASTORAL WORKERS instead of REVERENDS. Something that some prospective curates are finding difficult – not to be able to use the dog collar just yet!!!


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Pay as you go

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Church today.  Mrs C lamented to the Mhinisteir that she hasn’t been introduced to me yet.  Joys of Multi Parish Benefice!!!

Monday, 28 October 2019

In bed.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Met an ordinand and Wife.  Ordinand was told by tutor at Theological college that Ecclesiastical robes have no meaning!!!! Should I start a petition for the tutor to be retrained???

Received devastating news about a friend in the Highlands.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Mini tiff with the Mhinisteir.  He thought I should be in bed resting and I disagreed!

Thursday 31 October 2019.  

The oil tank has finally been topped up!

A friend who lived in Scotland has sadly passed away.  Need to write to his widow when the funeral is over.

Friday, 1 November 2019  

November already? Where has the time gone??? The Mhinisteir kindly topped up my pay as you go phone.  Apparently, normal people don’t use pay as you go!!!!!

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Wine Stain

These days the Mhinisteir often comes back from church with wine stain on his cassock alb!!!! Most people will know that wine stains are among the toughest to remove.

Thankfully I have found an easy and inexpensive solution.

Make a thick paste using a little water and and a generous amount of biological soap powder.  Rub it well on the stain and pop the cassock alb in the washing machine with your usual washing power on a regular cycle.

This only works for materials that are mashing washable.

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Long Skirt & Nightie

Recently, the Mhinisteir was in conversation with a fellow colleague.  They were both due to participate in a special service elsewhere in a few weeks time. The Mhinisteir asked the other Vicar which Ecclessiastical robe he should be using to which the other Vicar replied ” Mhinisteir, I don’t know the proper names for these robes!!! It is the long black skirt followed by the white mini nightie that you put on top “!!!! The other Vicar was of course referring to the Cassock and Surplice!!