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I was pleasantly surprised to see in the Church Times that there is a Christian boarding school near Bath.

One day, over our evening meal, the Mhinisteir and I were commenting on how difficult it must be to be a parent in 21st century Britain where children are being taught all kinds of “funky” stuff in school. It must be particularly difficult for parents with strong religious beliefs.

For a split second, the Mhinisteir and I were thankful that we don’t have children so therefore no grandchildren!

In case you are interested in the Christian boarding school. Their details can be found here.

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The Church of England was rebuked at a recent inquest held into the death of a former priest. It mishandled inquiry into false child abuse allegations. The priest took his own life as he could not cope with the investigation. How is one supposed to cope when they are not even told of the nature of the investigation! How cruel! He is not the first priest to have died because of the CofE’s negligence and sadly he won’t be the last!

I think I have said enough on this matter in my previous posts so I won’t say anymore.

However, I would urge all CofE clergy to join the Church of England Clergy Advocates (CECA) who are members of the Faith Workers Branch of Unite the Union. There is a monthly membership fee but I am reliably informed that it will be money worth spent.

The Mhinisteir is a member. If you are a clergy or know of a clergy, please encourage them to join. They will provide clergy with all the necessary support including legal support should (God forbid!) the clergy require it.

By joining, you will also in a small way (through the membership fee) be able to support falsely accused clergy like the Chancellor of Lincoln.

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What the dickens?

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POSTGRADUATES PASTOR screamed the advertisement in the latest Church Times. Hang on a minute. What on earth is a postgraduates pastor?

I was intrigued by the title and decided to read further. This church is a Church of England but just that they don’t seem to be very proud to be part of the CoE because there is no where in the advert this is mentioned. I had to go to their website to get this information and even then it is in very small print at the bottom of their webpage.

Anyway, back to the main story… They are basically looking for a Vicar for postgraduate students! Why? Will their usual Vicar not do? The advert ends by saying that many of these students have the potential to be future world leaders!

This jogged my memory to the time when the Mhinisteir was an ordinand in Edinburgh. We used to worship in a Church of Scotland that used to call itself a professional church meaning it was a church for high flying professionals! Its no wonder that the homeless man outside the church never came in!!!!

The Church of God is for everyone!

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Hear, Hear!

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Last week, I came across three newspaper articles about the present Church of England that really echoed my sentiments, two in the latest Church Times and the third in the Daily Telegraph.

The first, in the Church Times by Canon Angela Tilby writing about the Dean of Windsor and the manner in which he conducted the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

The second by The Rt Revd David Wilbourne commenting on the Archbishop’s search for a Chief of Staff! Something which I wrote about recently.

The third and final piece appeared on Thursday’s Daily Telegraph. This article is by their columnist Calvin Robinson. I never read anything by Robinson but this article about the Church of England and its woke culture is quite spot on.

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Charity Begins At Home

I was slightly irked to see an article entitled “Will you help train a priest in Africa?” in the latest Church Times. The Church Times has a fund called the TAP (Train a priest) Fund. My understanding is that it is mainly used to support priests in the UK.

I am not at all suggesting that we shouldn’t share our resources with Christians in the wider world but it just seems so ill timed when the COE (Church of England) is cash strapped and there are talks of clergy losing their jobs.

This is a subject that has been on my mind for the past 24 months. I try and support the Mothers Union by buying greetings cards in bulk as I am always writing to people. However, I am always bothered by “foreign” faces at the back of these cards and on their websites. The Mothers Union was started to help local women and it has now evolved into an international charity. I also know that Mothers Union helps 100s of families in the UK so why only focus on their international work? Is it because that’s what sells? Does it make one feel good about supporting someone in a third world country?

Maybe we prefer to help “others” while we ignore the poor who are right at our doorstep!

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Christian Counselling

I don’t suffer from mental health issues but I know of many people including family members who do and are finding that this global pandemic is exacerbating their mental health.

I read about the Association of Christian Councellors in the latest Church Times and hope you will find them useful if you ever need one.

You can find a Christian Councellor by going to the Associate of Christian Counsellors Website and clicking “Find a Councellor”. I understand that many offer low cost counselling. Don’t suffer in silence. Seek help.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. –Psalm 23: 4 

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What about White?

One of the things I look forward to on a Friday is receiving our Church Times by post. Surprisingly we didn’t receive ours last Friday. Thanks to the Mhinisteir’s intervention, we got it on Wednesday.

As I was looking through the pages, I came across an advert for a Vicar in the Diocese of London. At the bottom of the advert it said….

We welcome applications from all. However, the Diocese of London is aware that women and people of colour are currently under-represented among our clergy and so we particularly encourage applications from these groups. Enhanced DBS will be required.

Are people who are white not people of colour?

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Spectator Vs New Statesman

According to a recent edition of the Church Times, the Spectator is described as merely being interested in the politics of religion whereas the New Statesman is described as being more interested in religion itself.

I don’t read either but it was interesting to read what some people think of these magazines.