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The Good, The Bad & The Funny

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As we come to the close of the first week in January 2022, let me start with the good and finish with the funny😁.

The Good

Earlier in the week, I had written about the Mhinisteir’s sibling who was awaiting test results for a growth. On Tuesday, we got the good news that the growth is not malignant and so we rejoice. Thank you to all who contacted me and expressed concern.

My sibling who was ill with Covid19 like symptoms DOES NOT have Covid19 and has almost recovered.

My birthday wish for my family member too has been fulfilled as said family member is sounding much brighter and was able to go out for a wee while.

The Bad

The vicarage boiler has broken down thus turning the vicarage into an igloo. Thankfully, the heating engineer was able to come this morning. Unfortunately, the spare part that is required to fix the boiler will not be available until next week! In the meantime, I have struggled to get any work done because of the cold and disruption but as I type this while wearing fingerless gloves, the heating engineer has arrived with some portable heaters to tide us over until next week. I am very touched and grateful because I don’t think they are obliged to do this. In case you are wondering, we do have a fire place but the chimney hasn’t been swept. Since the summer, despite many chimney sweeps advertising, we have been struggling to find one who is available; unswept chimneys are a fire hazard.

The Funny

Yesterday, our cleaners went off with my shower gel by mistake!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

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A Scary Moment….

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The Vicarage cleaner is off sick again! Thankfully, she has very kindly arranged for cover which is fantastic.

On the day that the temporary cleaner arrived, unusually, both the Mhinisteir and I were not home. The cleaner knows to let herself in and out again when she is done.

When I came back, the cleaner and her mates were just leaving. Hang on a moment, why were her mates with her and what were they doing in the Vicarage??? They were all wearing tennis skirts with full makeup and large hoop earrings. Mmmmm…. When I questioned them, they threatened me!!!! I was so shocked that I just went inside the house and locked myself in. The house didn’t look cleaned and all the rooms were in a state. The beds looked jumped on while there were papers strewn all over the floor in both our studies.

I was still quite shocked but managed to ring my usual cleaner to terminate her services with immediate effect!!!! It was just at this point that I woke up!!!!!! Phew! How thankful I am that it was just all a dream!!!!!

The only truth in this story is that the Vicarage cleaner is indeed off sick and has kindly arranged temporary cover.

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Lost Brooch

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I have had a beautiful Swarovski brooch with gold leaves. It was a wedding present from my childhood friend. I used it to church very often.

The last time I saw it was about 3 months ago. I had left it on the dressing table hoping to return it to the jewellery box in due course but that never happened. It was during this time that we were provided with a replacement cleaner as our regular one was off sick. We know the replacement cleaner as she had been before when our regular cleaner was recuperating from surgery. Unusually, the replacement cleaner started bringing along one of her colleagues. She just sprung it on me one day and I had no choice but to say yes but unfortunately it became a weekly occurance. By the way, pre Covid19, I used to discreetly supervise the cleaner but because of Covid19, the arrangement with the cleaner is that they let themselves in and do the cleaning while I remain in one of the rooms until they leave.

Anyway, by the time I discovered that the brooch was missing, the replacement cleaner had already quit her job and moved to another country! I am tempted to put two and two together but I know I must not. I do hope that one day the brooch will turn up.

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The Lone Sock

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Our cleaner who comes weekly hasn’t been for a fortnight so I have been forced to pick up the pieces. As I was doing a bit of gentle tidying up, I came across a lone sock in the bin. By the looks of it, it has definitely seen better days and so it was in the right place but I was puzzled that its pair was NOT in the bin. Yes, I did have a poke around in the bin! I know it sounds disgusting but it was only our little bin in the bedroom.

I decided to confront ask the Mhinisteir about it. He replied: “The other sock is still wearable and so I have kept it. You never know when I might need it”!!!!

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Rushed off my feet!

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I like a slow start to my day but the Thursday before our holiday was nothing like my usual start to the day. The Mhinisteir was out at a church service and we were expecting the tree surgeon to chop off the conifer trees. The Mhinisteir assured me that they will not be bothering me. Excellent I thought…..

Just as I was entering the shower room, the doorbell rang! I took a quick peek at the window and it was the tree surgeon and his chum. They were young men and I most definitely wasn’t going to meet them in my dressing gown so I ignored them and went ahead with my shower! When I came out, they were still in the driveway instead of the garden. Mmmm….. I got changed and went to greet them from a distance. They said all was well. Great!

I went to the kitchen to do the dishes when I suddenly saw two faces smiling at me through the kitchen window. Just for a split second, I assumed that they were that of the tree surgeon and his chum but no it wasn’t. Instead they were from OpenReach (British Telecom). They were not due until Monday!!!! I went to the door and they introduced themselves and said they were here to do some work on our telephone line. I said that we were told to expect them on Monday. Apparently, the people coming on Monday will be dealing with a different issue but these men were going to work on the telegraphic pole. Just then I remembered the Mhinisteir had an important zoom meeting with our Bishop!!!! Oh great I thought! The meeting was really important as it had to do with the safeguarding issue that I had wrote about some time ago. The men from Openreach assured me that the internet connection will not be affected.

The tree surgeon and his chum were working away in the garden until 3pm. Just as they were leaving, our cleaner arrived!!!! By then, I was so exhausted that I couldn’t wait for her to leave…..

Anyway, the good news is that the conifer trees are gone and there is so much light coming into the Vicarage which is wonderful.

The next day we got a telephone call from the Diocesan housing department informing us that the tree surgeon’s chum’s girlfriend had tested positive for Covid19 and so he is having to self isolate! Thank God that we didn’t have any close contact with him!!!

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The morning after the night before….

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I quite like football but am not a fanatic. I always support the underdog. The moment the final score came through last night, I told the Mhinisteir that we will not be seeing our cleaner the next day. True enough, there was a text message on my phone first thing this morning to say that she is poorly and will not be coming in today!

Oh by the way, in case you haven’t heard, England have qualified to the final in the Euros 2020 football tournament. It is very significant because the last time England reached a major men’s final was 55 years ago, in 1966 when they won the World Cup.

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New Pastime

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Recently, I have discovered a new pastime. I never thought that I would enjoy my new hobby this much but I have surprised myself. For health reasons, I am not able to commit more than half an hour each day and even that it can only be on good days.

I have always enjoyed a tidy garden but have NEVER spent any time tending to it. It is just not my thing(neither the Mhinisteir’s). We have always paid someone to cut the grass and keep it tidy.

In any case, in a place like the Scottish highlands, you would only want to be in the garden if you want to be eaten alive by the midges!!!! For those who are not familiar with midges. You can read about them here. If it is not the midges than it is the weather. We rarely got good weather in the summer.

Until some weeks ago, I had never done weeding in my whole life.

We are having the same problem with our gardener as with our cleaner (same company!). As mentioned before, I like things to look tidy.

Our garden was beginning to look messy and that was when I decided to take matters into my own hands. We tried getting in touch with other gardeners but none was available.

At that time, I only had a pair of secateurs. I have since added a weed fork, rake, lopper and the most recent purchase is a pair of shears. It has taken me a whole month to figure out how the weed fork and rake worked! Being left handed doesn’t aid anything!

Ever since I started doing very gentle tidying up of the garden, I feel wonderful and can’t believe how much I enjoy it. Needless to say that the garden is looking wonderful too. However, I stop at tidying. I have no desire to plant or grow anything.

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When people disappoint…

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In the real world, people do disappoint and I know that having experienced it umpteen times. However when it happened again recently, I was disappointed (again!). Haha!

Regular readers will know that since the first lockdown, our cleaner has become erratic. I would like to think that we have been kind to her like paying her even when she was not able to come due to genuine emergencies. However, I feel that she is beginning to take advantage of our kindness. Lots of empty promises and things are not getting done.

Last week, things came to a head. It wasn’t how I wanted it to be but something really had to be done because I don’t like to be lied to but then who does?? We had a good chat and I laid down the law (again!).

Hopefully things will improve but somehow I am not sure that this relationship is going to last for too long. It is such a shame because she started off so well. Finding a new cleaner is very difficult too.

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Say it with flowers

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Since the start of the year, I have been unable to add flowers to my online supermarket shop. During the daffodil season, I was able to buy them from Tesco but even that has come to an abrupt end. Morrisons were the only supermarket to have flowers to purchase online but unfortunately I no longer shop with them as they often don’t have the things that I am wanting while Ocado only sells floral arrangements from Bloom and Wild which is way beyond my weekly budget! All I am looking for are just simple flower bunches like roses to add colour to the Vicarage.

I know that some people will look down their noses on people like me who buy their flowers from supermarkets but due to our rural location and my health, I don’t have easy access to florists. I have tried looking at e-florists but they too only do floral arrangements.

I know that with Covid-19 and Brexit, things have become complicated but I also feel that supermarkets spoil us by turning into one stop centres where we can buy EVERYTHING and once we have successfully become overdependent on them, they withdraw services according to their whims and fancies.

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Unusual Substitute for a Human Cleaner


Lockdown Number 3 has meant that I am once again left without a cleaner. Unlike the first lockdown, the government guidelines stipulate that cleaners are allowed into the house. However, our cleaner decided to halt her services. I was and still am a little annoyed that she didn’t have the courtesy to inform me of her decision. I only found out when I texted her!

At this point in my life, I can’t cope without a cleaner. I just don’t have the energy. I haven’t found one cleaner who is open for business.

Anyway, I needed a cleaning product that is easy enough and something that is not pumped with chemicals. Before my health woes, I used to be addicted to powerful cleaning products but not anymore. Bleach was my favourite!

I came across Method’s anti bac bathroom cleaner and decided to try it. It smells wonderful and the whole house smells lovely after I have used it. It works well too.

I am missing the cleaner but I guess I just have to settle for Method’s Anti bac bathroom cleaner for now!