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We are not No.44!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

I am a firm believer that one needs to be a good neighbour. However, I think I have reached the end of my tether when it comes to delivery drivers and parcels.

There is a great big sign that says VICARAGE outside our front door. Despite that we keep getting parcels for number 44. Number 44 is in the centre of the village whereas we are up the hill. What really gets my goat is the sneakiness of these delivery drivers. They never ring the door bell but cleverly position the parcel on top of our flowerpot which is hidden from view.

By the way, two big fierce looking and sounding dogs reside in number 44 đŸ˜±đŸ˜±đŸ˜±.

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New (bad) Habit!

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The Mhinisteir practically lives in his clerical shirts so I am either busy washing them or ironing them!

The other day just as I was switching off the iron, I noticed that I had left one sleeve undone! Strange I thought… Anyway, I decided to check on the other 3 clerical shirts that I had just ironed and guess what? I had done the same on all three shirts!!!!!! How is that possible??? I have never done that before!!!! Could it be because the shirts are all black that it is difficult to see?

Anyway, whatever the reason for this newly formed bad habit, I am determined to break it and so now I thoroughly check the sleeves before turning off the iron!!!!

As someone once reminded me, bad habits are easy to form but difficult to break!

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Mole Catcher, Moles & Jeyes Fluid

Regrettably, we have engaged the services of pest control aka mole catcher for the molehills are beginning to multiply. Additional expenses but needs must.

One of our older parishioners swears by Jeyes Fluid to tackle moles!!!!! According to him, he “injects” Jeyes Fluid into the ground and that acts as a deterrent!!!!! I think I’ll stick with the professionals:)

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Don’t worry Darling, Relax!

Those were the words from the Mhinisteir when I asked him what time his first appointment was this morning.

Just as I was putting the kettle on to get the breakfast ready (I am a traditional wife by choice), I heard a car…… Mmmm the postman is very early today, I said to myself. Then I heard the car engine turn off and suddenly it dawned on me that it could be the Mhinisteir’s first appointment! Oh my goodness! I was still in my jimjams and the Mhinisteir hadn’t had his breakfast and I haven’t got the “hospitality” tray ready!

The door bell rang and yes it was the Mhinisteir’s first appointment from another Diocese. I scrambled to put together the “hospitality” tray and went ahead to have breakfast on my own.

Later when I saw him after the meeting, my first question to him was so what time was the meeting?! To which he replied…. I still don’t know!!!!!!!!

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Black Clerical Shirts

The Mhinisteir is almost always in his black clerical shirt except on his days off.  Occasionally, he would wear his blue clerical shirt.

I have noticed that even his newest black clerical shirts start fading just after a few washes and they begin to look tired.  Some of them are in expensive cotton while others are polyester and cotton mix.  Irregardless of the material the result is always the same.

I was reading on the Internet that two strong cups of black coffee in the wash should restore the black shirts!

Is it too good to be true????