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Peter Corby | One of Britain’s greatest inventors

I was saddened to hear of the demise of Peter Corby, the man behind the Corby Trouser Press.

It used to be that all good hotel rooms in the UK had a trouser press. The ones that we stayed in always had one. Once, I even tried to crease out my blouse in one. It wasn’t a disaster but they are best left to trousers!!! These days when most people seem to live out in jeans, the trouser press seems obsolete. I imagine that most millennials would never have heard of such an invention!!!!

The trouser press may have gone out of fashion in the UK but It appears to be still very popular around the world.

I am proud to reveal that we have a Corby trouser press in the Vicarage. The Mhinisteir will be lost without it!

I was shocked to learn that Peter Corby’s name never went into the Queen’s honours list. What a terrible shame! It is people like Corby who should have made it to the honours list.

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Our First Fan!

IMG_0076We have just bought our first fan!

Back in the Scottish Highlands,  there was never a need for a fan as such was the weather.  We might get a couple of days of Sunshine in August but that’s about it.  It was never clammy as it will turn cool the moment the sun goes down.

The summers in England are v hot and heavy.  I struggle with the heat but for some  weird reason we never bothered to buy a fan.  Last year, I did try to buy a fan but they were sold out. I quickly learnt that one does not try and buy a fan in the height of a heatwave!!!!

This year, I decided to be clever and started my search early.  I liked one that I saw on the John Lewis website.  It was a free standing fan.  Just when I was about to press the checkout button, I decided to reread the product specification..  It said partial assembly required.  After my experience with the purchase ofa Waterhose, I promised myself that I will NEVER EVER buy anything that needed self assembly.

i decided to look for another model that didn’t need self assembly but in this day and age of do it yourself everything, it was impossible.  I decided to settle for the one with minimal self assembly but it was out of stock.  I clicked email me when in stock.

A month had passed and I didn’t get any email from JL.   Last week, when I went to their website, that item was no longer available.  I didn’t think that I wanted to wait any longer and so I purchased a 9″ Desk fan instead.

The desk fan arrived on Saturday but no attempt was made by the Mhinisteir to unwrap the box.  The excuse given was that due to the coronavirus, the parcel should be left untouched for 72 hours!!  For those who follow my blog, you might remember what happened with the trouser press

The Mhinisteir is just hopeless with his hands.  The 72 hours passed but the Mhinisteir was still not doing anything.  Yesterday, I decided to take matters into my own hands and assembled the fan myself.  I needed a bit of help from the Mhinisteir as he is physically stronger.

We had a good night’s sleep thanks to our new fan!

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Our New Corby Trouser Press

The Mhinisteir was needing a new trouser press and so we bought one from John Lewis. Our new Corby Trouser Press was delivered to us just after the new year. As we opened the box that contained the new trouser press, I commented to the Mhinisteir that a Millenial will probably not know what a trouser press is!!! In the olden days, good hotels always had a trouser press but these days they are almost extinct.

The trouser press required simple assembly before we could start using it. The Mhinisteir is not good with his hands at all so he struggled to assemble the trouser press and decided that he will assemble it at a later date!

I on the other hand am good with my hands but the Mhinisteir wasn’t allowing me to assemble it as he was afraid that I might tire myself given my health condition.

Anyway, one week had past and the trouser press was still in our dining room waiting to be assembled. I was getting impatient and decided to take matters into my own hands. Yesterday was an exceptionally busy day for the Mhinisteir and because he was out the whole day, I managed to assemble the trouser press! I was pretty chuffed with myself even though I needed a lie down after that!!!

Now, the Mhinisteir can finally start using his new trouser press.