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The Tebbit Test

I am no Cricket fan.  In fact I don’t understand Cricket at all.  The Mhinisteir does and he has tried explaining but in vain.

Since, it is Cricket season, the Tebbit testhas been mentioned quite a lot on Radio.

Who will I support if it was a sports match between England and Scotland? People I know in England assume I will support Scotland.  However, I always support the underdog as I feel sorry for them!!!!!!

The Mhinisteir and I were once listening to a football commentary between Manchester City and Tottenham.  Manchester City were leading.  I was elated when Tottenham scored a last minute equaliser.  At that precise moment the Mhinisteir turned around and asked me ” who are you supporting??” To which I replied “Tottenham”!!! The Mhinisteir’s face dropped because until then he thought that like him I was supporting Manchester City!!!!!

In other news….. I was listening to the Today programme on Radio 4, the sports bulletin came on and the big sports news was that England were starting off their Netball World Cup today.  Sadly all the emphasis was on the England team when Scotland and Northern Ireland are also competing.