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Is Stork Baking Block Dairy Free?



Did you know that Stork Baking Block does not contain dairy?  I know it because thats what I use for my baking as I must refrain from dairy.

I didnt know about it until I chanced upon this vital information a good few years back.  Since then, I have been using Stork baking block for all my baking but I do always check the ingredients in case it has changed.

However, I must stress that the other products in the Stork range do contain dairy so please please be very careful when you make your purchase.   Like me, if you can’t consume dairy, please do not take my word for it but please check the ingredients  as I know from personal experience that just because something agrees with one person, that doesn’t mean that it agrees with all those with similar conditions.

NB: This is an independent review.  I am not paid by Stork nor do I represent them.


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2020 is a Leap year!

Did you know that 2020 is a leap year?  Well, I only discovered it yesterday thanks to our village magazine!  At last, those whose birthdays fall on 29th February will get to have a proper birthday celebration after a four year wait.  Woohoo!!!

ps: I don’t know of anyone whose birthday falls on 29th February.  Do you???

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A Wedding & Two Cupcakes!

When we came home this afternoon, we found two little cakes boxes on our doorstep.  Two little cake boxes containing two very pretty cupcakes.  There was no note but I guessed it was from the newly weds.  Newly weds???

At the weekend, the Mhinisteir conducted the wedding of a young couple and I am pretty sure that the cakes were from them.  Over the years, The Mhinisteir has conducted many weddings but this is the first time this has happened!  Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture on the part of the wedding couple.