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Until I moved to England, I was not familiar with the term Churchwardens.  Back in Scotland, under the Presbyterian system, we had Deacons and Elders.

These are some of the observations that I have made of Churchwardens.  I was prompted to write this blogpost after seeing Dave Walker’scartoon in the latest Church Times.

1. Unhealthy obsession with Church building.  They like to say “it’s their Church!!” but absolutely no interest in spiritual things.  In fact, they don’t attend Sunday services regularly!

2. Never available.  Work, holidays etc.

3. Do not want to give up their position.

4.  They can “never” find a deputy when they go on holiday and even insist that funerals be rearranged!

5. Have absolutely no clue of their responsibilities.

6. Everybody in the Church is afraid of the Church Wardens!!!

7. Not uncommon to find a Husband and Wife team = more control!!

8. Do not have the Church’s interest at heart.