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The Moles are back!

When we first moved to the Vicarage, the garden was covered in molehills.   Moles are a big problem where we live –  one of the disadvantages of rural living!  We got pest control to deal with them as humanely as possible.  Very soon, the moleshills were getting fewer  until one morning when there was no molehill at all!  Hooray!

Two weeks ago, I noticed that the molehills were back!  I was  disappointed. I didn’t expect them to operate in the Summer!

Another disadvantage of rural living is that it is very expensive.  Anyway, the Mhinisteir and I decided to pray over it.  So these days, every morning we look out of the window to look out for fresh molehills.  So far there are no new ones.  We shall keep on praying!!!