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Charming Parishioner

On Saturday, the Mhinisteir received a call from one of his many parishioners. Here in our rural parishes, most of our parishioners are OAPs. As they say, old age doesn’t come alone so Mr B was updating the Mhinisteir about his impending medical appointment with the consultant.

Mr B had spoken to his consultant earlier that week and the consultant had wanted him to come in to the hospital that same week for the procedure. However Mr B had asked the consultant for an appointment the following week. The consultant was puzzled and wanted to know the reason to which Mr B replied by saying that He needed to consult the Vicar!!!!!

Anyway, it turned out that Mr B wanted the Vicar’s blessing and not his medical opinion which I think is very sweet.

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Mouldy Vegetables & Censors 2021 among other things.

I decided to have a lazy day yesterday so spent most of my time in the spare bedroom fully dressed. I was tired and had a few things on my mind that were weighing me down. The weather too was grey.

Anyway, my to do list is very long so couldn’t afford a lazy day today. I had to be dressed and ready for the Tesco delivery. As usual, the delivery arrived 20 minutes earlier which was absolutely fine. Unfortunately, I ended up with 2 packs of mouldy vegetables! I do get a little harassed when I deal with supermarket deliveries. It is a pity that the delivery person just stands there and does nothing. They don’t even bother telling you about the substitutes etc. I don’t know how you can put the shopping away and check for substitutes all at the same time!

I only noticed the mouldy vegetables after the deliveryman had left so I had to email Tesco but had to provide images of the mouldy vegetables. It was only then did I realise that I didn’t know how to use the camera on my MacBook! It took me 5 minutes to figure out the camera and another 5 to take the necessary photos so in total in took me half an hour to email Tesco to get a refund. I suppose this is to be expected when shopping online. The good news is I got my refund within the hour!

After lunch, I worked on Census 2021. I was expecting to receive a paper version so was disappointed when I realised that we had to do it online. Since the pandemic, the Mhinisteir is super busy with work. I really don’t know how one man can be asked to be in charge of so many parishes and on top of his usual workload, he is doing a handful of funerals every single week!!!!! The Mhinisteir tells me that he loves his job but I am not happy with his workload. I digress…..It took me about 15 minutes to complete Censors 2021 electronically. It was fairly straightforward but time consuming.

After Census 2021, I phoned the Surgery, hoping to get a telephone appointment with the doctor at some point during the week. According to the voice message, the surgery is not available to the public on Tuesday afternoons. Seriously???

I slowly worked through the mountain of ironing that needed to be done. I must have been ironing like a maniac for there is now a large hole in my new iron board cover!

All in all, it has been a productive day.

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Happy Ending

For the past few weeks, my health has not been in the usual manageable level. I was reluctant to mention it to the Mhinisteir, he who is known to be calm under the storm goes into a panic if it is my health! I tried to keep quiet about it but since yesterday afternoon I have been in a lot of pain.

I see a private consultant for this particular health condition but with Covid19, access to Private hospitals is nigh impossible.

I phoned my local surgery and asked for an appointment to speak to my GP. They were not giving out face to face appointments. Fair enough. I got an appointment for Monday for which I was very grateful. The receptionist asked for my symptoms. When I told her my symptoms, she said that she will get my GP to phone me this afternoon. Thank God!

A few minutes later, My GP phoned and asked me to see him in an hour’s time! I am pleased to say that I am already beginning to feel a a lot better!

A very happy ending to my Friday!

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Phantom Medical Appointment

Confirmation of Appointment on 5 October 2020 at 13.01 at _____ Medical Centre read the text message on my mobile phone.

The text message itself came through at 14.56 on the said day! I don’t remember making any appointment to see the Doctor. They don’t want to see us anyway.

I rang the Surgery to make sure that they weren’t waiting for me and more importantly that they don’t penalise me for a “no show”

The receptionist told me that they weren’t expecting me and in any case they don’t issue appointments at that time!