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No Easter without Good Friday

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is Good Friday today and I have duly attended the Good Friday service albeit in Zoom.

Just this morning, I saw on the cover of today’s newspaper a photograph of a woman adorning her front door and porch with Easter Wreath, Easter Bunnies and Easter eggs! It looked rather odd because on Good Friday in fact in the days leading up to Easter, churches are unadorned. The usual floral arrangements only reappear on Easter Sunday!

That made me think and I realised that there is no Easter without Good Friday because if Christ hadn’t died and risen there would be no Easter to celebrate. It also reminded me that if you take things out of context the real meaning of an event gets lost. Maybe these things no longer matter in a pluralistic world!

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The Meaningful Chocolate

The Meaning Chocolate is the company behind the Real Easter Egg that you might have seen in major supermarkets. We got a brochure on Saturday saying that this year the major supermarkets have decided not to stock up the Real Easter eggs due to the pandemic. I think the supermarkets have found the perfect excuse not to stock up on “religious” products. The Real Easter eggs contain the reason why Christians worldwide celebrate Easter. I don’t think you need to be religious to buy these eggs. It is a great way to educate a child on World Religions. Furthermore these chocolates are fairtrade.

Anyway, if you don’t see them in the supermarkets, this is why. However you will be able to buy them from their website.

NB: I am not paid to promote The Meaningful Chocolate Company.

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Brahmin Reborn – Bhaskar Sreerangam with Esther Sandys

It is 1966. Madras, India. A young Brahmin (Bhaskar) realises the futility of his ritualistic Hinduism. Unable to face another day, he gives his gods an ultimatum: reveal yourself, or I will kill myself. After preparing a deadly meal, he heads out for what he thinks will be his final walk around the city. As he does he passes a man handing out flyers. They catch his eye. He’s intrigued. He heads inside to see what’s going on. What happens next changes the direction of his life and the ill-fated meal waiting at home.


I picked this book from the Mhinisteir’s library.  I am very interested in World Religions and so was excited to learn a little about Hinduism and so started reading it on Sunday instead of my usual Sabbath nap!   It was an easy read so I finished it in 3 hours!

I had hoped to learn more about Bhaskar but the book was about his early days before and after becoming a Christian.  The first four chapters were quite heavy as they contained many Indian terms for rites and rituals with detailed explanations which were at times overwhelming. 

As I arrived at the last page, I was disappointed that the book didn’t touch on Bhaskar’s later life like how he met his wife and how he ended up ministering in Bristol! The book somehow felt incomplete!  

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Have pity upon us miserable sinners, who now are visited with great sickness and mortality; that like as thou didst then accept of an atonement, and didst command the destroying Angel to cease from punishing, so it may now please thee to withdraw from us this plague and grievous sickness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen – ‘Prayer in the time of any common Plague of Sickness’, – Book of Common Prayer

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Strange Week

This week has been a strange one. The lockdown itself is not bothering me because even before the Coronavirus pandemic, I have been self isolating due to health reason.

For the Mhinisteir, the weeks leading up to Easter is always busy. Holy Week is especially busy. My Protestant upbringing means that every week is Holy Week and every Sunday is Easter! For that reason I don’t do anything special. Health permitting, I usually try and go to the Chrism service in the Cathedral. This week has been fairly quiet in that sense. The Mhinisteir is still busy. Being in rural parishes mean that we have more elderly people in our Churches and in the last few weeks, a good number have been taken ill some critically.

We heard this week that a friend of ours had passed away quite suddenly. He had collapsed at home. Taken to hospital. When his wife phone the next morning, She was told that he was doing well. He passed away around lunchtime that day when he collapsed for the second time!

Despite the lockdown, we had a good number of Easter Cards & Chocolates from our Parishioners. A few of them have been sneaking out when dark falls. Something that we don’t encourage of course!

I baked a banana cake on Friday! It was only after I had baked that I remembered it was Good Friday even though I had watched an online service!!!!

Again on Good Friday, The Mhinisteir got a phone call from a parishioner wishing him a Happy Easter. Happy Easter on Good Friday??? We are living through strange times after all!!!!