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The Quest for a Seamstress

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

The Mhinisteir has a stole that needs altering. In case you are wondering what a stole is, it is a vestment that is worn over the shoulders by a priest. As I am hopeless when it comes to sewing, I decided to engage the services of a seamstress. I remember seeing a local advertisement and decided to enquire.

I rang the mobile seamstress on her mobile number but there was no answer so I left a message on her phone. Some people don’t check their messages so I texted her with the details. I was so impressed when she rang back within the hour. She started by saying that because of Covid19 all items of clothing have to washed before they are brought to her and that she can only do measurements outside her front door!!! Brought to her? Being a mobile seamstress, I expected her to come to us! Can you imagine the Mhinisteir standing outside her home getting his measurements taken while the whole neighbourhood watches! In any case, the Mhinisteir’s stoles are not machine washable.

Anyway, I told her that I will be in touch, thanked her and rang off. A pity I can’t give her my custom but she made it impossible difficult. The quest continues…..

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The shrunken stole!

The Mhinisteir had a difficult funeral to take this morning.

The moment he came back, he wanted to wash his Cassock Alp and so turned on the washing machine himself. It was quite understandable given the day it has been. It has been raining cats and dogs since the morning and I imagine the churchyard would have been very muddy. What I didn’t understand was this sense of urgency…..

Anyway, after lunch I went to remove the cassock alp from the washing machine. After going through the spin mode, the cassock alb had turned into a ball but wait a minute what was the beige thing that was poking out????? Anyone who uses Ecclesiastical robes will know that one has to pay a lot of money in order to own one so I am ultra careful when I wash the Mhinisteir’s robes so I never put any other clothes in the Ecclesiastical wash cycle but what was that thing poking out???? I quickly unrolled the robe to discover a sad looking stole!!!! On closer look, the stole was looking strange. It had shrunk!!!! Of course it would shrink because it is not machine washable!!!! Oh what was the Mhinisteir thinking????

I marched straight into his study with both the cassock alp and the stole and demanded an explanation!!!! I am not sure why I got so worked upūüė¨. As expected, he confessed that it was a horrible mistake. The width of the stole is now only slightly wider than a neck tie!!!!!

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Pay as you go

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Church today. ¬†Mrs C lamented to the Mhinisteir that she hasn’t been introduced to me yet. ¬†Joys of Multi Parish Benefice!!!

Monday, 28 October 2019

In bed.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Met an ordinand and Wife.  Ordinand was told by tutor at Theological college that Ecclesiastical robes have no meaning!!!! Should I start a petition for the tutor to be retrained???

Received devastating news about a friend in the Highlands.

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Mini tiff with the Mhinisteir.  He thought I should be in bed resting and I disagreed!

Thursday 31 October 2019.  

The oil tank has finally been topped up!

A friend who lived in Scotland has sadly passed away.  Need to write to his widow when the funeral is over.

Friday, 1 November 2019  

November already? Where has the time gone??? The Mhinisteir kindly topped up my pay as you go phone. ¬†Apparently, normal people don’t use pay as you go!!!!!

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Long Skirt & Nightie

Recently, the Mhinisteir was in conversation with a fellow colleague. ¬†They were both due to participate in a special service elsewhere in a few weeks time. The Mhinisteir asked the other Vicar which Ecclessiastical robe he should be using to which the other Vicar replied ” Mhinisteir, I don’t know the proper names for these robes!!! It is the long black skirt followed by the white mini nightie that you put on top “!!!! The other Vicar was of course referring to the Cassock and Surplice!!

Ecclesiastical Robes

The Mystery of the Missing Surplice

Just when I thought things cannot get any worse….. It just did!

I had been pestering the Minister to send his Surplice to the dry cleaners to get rid of the communion wine stain.   I thought it could also do with a professional iron as it was looking tired.

The Minister duly sent the surplice to the BEST dry cleaners in the city only for them to lose it!

Eventually the lost Surplice did resurface and so there was a happy ending.