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Where are all the refills?

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Am I the only one to notice that most UK supermarkets love getting on their moral high horses when it comes to the environment?

Supermarkets like Tesco no longer bring our orders in bags. Instead, they are scattered in a plastic crate and it is up to me to scramble like crazy while the delivery driver just stands there and watches!

The only supermarket to continue bringing our groceries in bags is Ocado and so a big well done to them. Again they appear to be the only one who happen to sell refills for Method and ECover.

I am quite sure that half the products that we buy and use can be refilled so why are the manufacturers not producing them and even if they did why are supermarkets like Tesco not stocking them???

I am not an eco warrior but I do care about the environment. When I lived in the Far East in the late 80s, they had already started selling refill packs for coffee, washing up liquid, detergent etc. Why are we in the western world so slow to move on to refill packs? Most importantly what gives us the right to lecture other countries about the environment??

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First Ocado Order

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Last week, we had our first complimentary Ocado delivery to the Vicarage. I am super pleased! Unfortunately, I was not able to experience the wonderful service first hand as I was forced to spend the day in bed but thankfully the Mhinisteir was available to receive the order.

I am all for recycling but I am not an eco warrior. I have an invisible disability which means that to have my shopping packed in bags is a very big help as the Mhinisteir is not always available to receive the shopping. Tesco has been very disappointing on this matter. They have changed their bags policy yet again. I have blogged about my experience here and here. Ocado collect the used bags and apparently you get a refund for bags returned.

Ocado is more expensive than Tesco but it is worth paying a wee bit more as I have more choice. Shopping with Ocado has also exposed Tesco’s hypocrisy on their care for the environment policy. I usually buy Method antibacterial spray and Ecover washing up liquid. I didn’t know that they are meant to be refilled until I started shopping with Ocado. Ocado sells refill bottles for both items but I have never come across them in Tesco!

Sadly, I have not been able to buy flowers from Ocado but it is a small price to pay. All I can hope now is for Ocado to continue with this excellent service.

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Supermarkets Bags Policy

I got my Waitrose delivery yesterday afternoon. My main shopping delivery is from Tesco but I use Waitrose for luxury items as such as Booja Booja Vegan Ice Cream!

I was excited about my Waitrose delivery because they were to come in shopping bags. Yes, I am for plastic bags because it is cumbersome to collect your shopping without the bags.

Where am I to leave the groceries? I usually just dump mine in the vestibule while the delivery person twiddles their thumb. For health reasons, it is doubly difficult for me. The Mhinisteir helps me when he can but yesterday he was in a zoom meeting which means I was on my own.

The Waitrose delivery came on time but without the bags! According to the driver, the rules changed on Sunday so you have to opt for bags when you order and pay 40p. I don’t mind paying but when I ordered they had promised me bags.

The same happened with my Tesco delivery twice in the last 6 weeks. I got an email and a text message to remind me to opt for bags should I need them but there were no bags in sight when the delivery came. When the Mhinisteir asked the delivery person he was told that they had run out of bags!!!!!

I do care about the environment but I would like my bags too. I would prefer paper bags to plastic as they are more environmentally friendly.

I am very happy to pay for the bags but please just give us the choice instead of deciding for us!

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100% Wool Eco Packaging from the Fishmonger

IMG_0093IMG_0094Last week, as  I received my usual delivery from our local fishmonger, I noticed that they have started using 100% wool packaging from Woolcool to keep the produce cooler for longer.  What a fantastic idea!

 It seemed a pity to throw away the wool so I created a mini rug by just putting them down in the Vicarage Vestibule for a rustic look.