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Peter Corby | One of Britain’s greatest inventors

I was saddened to hear of the demise of Peter Corby, the man behind the Corby Trouser Press.

It used to be that all good hotel rooms in the UK had a trouser press. The ones that we stayed in always had one. Once, I even tried to crease out my blouse in one. It wasn’t a disaster but they are best left to trousers!!! These days when most people seem to live out in jeans, the trouser press seems obsolete. I imagine that most millennials would never have heard of such an invention!!!!

The trouser press may have gone out of fashion in the UK but It appears to be still very popular around the world.

I am proud to reveal that we have a Corby trouser press in the Vicarage. The Mhinisteir will be lost without it!

I was shocked to learn that Peter Corby’s name never went into the Queen’s honours list. What a terrible shame! It is people like Corby who should have made it to the honours list.

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From the Vicarage Library | The Other Side of the Coin

The is the book that I took away for my holiday reading.

It is written by Angela Kelly who is the Senior Dresser to Her Majesty the Queen. It took me just 2 days to finish reading this excellent book. This is the second best book I have read this year! The first was this.

The book is full of colourful photos mainly of the Queen wearing some of the outfits from her extensive wardrobe, usually designed by Kelly herself. It also contains photos of some of the most precious jewellery that the Queen owns!

This book is basically about Kelly’s work as Senior dresser to Her Majesty the Queen. She writes extensively about her close working relationship with the Queen without divulging Royal secrets! It is definitely not a kiss and tell book. The book is well written and DOES NOT contain cheap gossip. It has been personally endorsed by the Queen herself which I think is quite a big deal.

A little snippet from the book…. The Queen does her own makeup! The only time that a makeup artist is involved is when she is filmed for the Christmas speech.

There is only one slight disappointment. Kelly refers to The Queen as the Head of the Church of England. She is wrong. Her Majesty the Queen is the supreme governor of the Church of England. Christ is the Head!

If you are royalist or simply interested in the Queen’s wardrobe then this book is for you!

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Spend a penny!

Photo by Praneeth Koduru on Pexels.com

According to fashion magazines, the must have suit for women this year is a jumpsuit. I for one will look like a mutton dressed like lamb in one but I have this gnawing question for those who wear it on a regular basis. How do you spend a penny???????!!!!!!!

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This & That

For the last few weeks, there have been lapses in my blog posting. Health has been more challenging than usual. Also, the things I would like to write about don’t really need a dedicated blog post each so I thought I will do a summary of the things that I have observed….

Lockdown 2.0 – My observation is that during the first lockdown, there were many people who started blogging and those who were already blogging were posting daily but with Lockdown 2.0 that doesn’t seem to be the case, even those who post regularly have slowed down.

UHT Milk – We get our milk delivered by the milkman but I always like to keep a small carton of UHT full cream milk in our store cupboard. It is nigh impossible to buy a small full cream UHT carton from the supermarkets. They only sell large ones whereas they stock semi skimmed milk in small cartons!

Supermarket Delivery – We got our usual delivery this afternoon. I pay for bags so rightfully all our groceries should come in bags. However for the umpteenth time in a row, some items were without bags!

Emergency clothes shopping – I had to do an emergency online clothes shop for the Mhinisteir. He hates shopping but I could no longer bear the sight of his holey clothes! To be fair he only wears them at home but there are so many holes in them that the clothes can no longer provide him with any warmth! He dresses very traditionally like Jacob Rees Mogg so he is in for a shock when he sees the rose pink cardigan!!!!

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New Panama Hat

The Mhinisteir has finally succumbed to pressure from me and has bought his first ever Panama hat. To be fair to him, there was no use for it in the Scottish Highlands where it was always blowing a gale almost all the time.  Anything you have on your head except a woolly hat would have gone with the wind!!!! Its a different story in England, you will be foolish not to wear a hat because we get a lot of the sun compare to Scotland.  After all these years in England, he still refused to get one until about 10 days ago when I ordered one for him!!! Paid for by him of course!!!! I am pleased to say that he has been using it diligently!