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6 Months To Go….

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Wednesday, 1st of February 2023

One of the things in my “To Do List” for January was to fix an appointment with the dentist for a general checkup and clean.

After procrastinating for a few days, I decided to grab the bull by the horn and phoned them on the second week of January. I was told that the earliest appointment available is in July 2023! I decided to go for it and even had to pay a deposit. I hasten to add that this is a private dentist and according to them, they too are struggling with staff issues. The Mhinisteir was aghast when he heard that I had to wait for such a long time but I am left with no choice. I too am not happy with the situation as I would like to be able to see the dentist when I want to but then that’s how it is with most things these days…..

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What Do You ACTUALLY Put In Your Dishwasher?

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Here in the Vicarage, we are very privileged to own a dishwasher. I don’t know how I would cope without it!

I don’t wish to insult your intelligence.but what do you put in yours? I put in dishwasher safe cutlery and crockery but reading the papers last week told me that some people have got very different ideas. According to the article, there was a big hoo ha on Mumsnet (the forum for parents) after a woman wrote to say that she puts her loo brush in the dishwasher! By the way, I don’t own a loo brush as I don’t consider them too hygienic!

Since then I have also discovered that people put their trainers and dog collars in the dishwasher . Have you heard about anyone cooking their salmon in the dishwasher? Apparently that happens too.

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I am feeling paranoid. It started several weeks ago when I received a letter from some company called the MSE club writing to say that someone had been trying to use my details to set up an account. I have never heard of the MSE club and when I told the Mhinisteir he told me to ignore the letter.

A week or so later, I received a text about someone trying to set up an online payment which led me to phone the credit card company. Regular readers will know that I have had my card details compromised so many times that I thought it was one of those times. However, the questions asked were different and sounded serious. By the time I rang off, I realised that this time it was very serious. Anyway, the card got cancelled once again! After the phone call, I became very nervous because someone had gotten hold of a lot of information about me. I didn’t like that feeling.

Since then, I have also been nervous about making voice calls using internet connection. I do have this fear that someone is listening in! I know it sounds ridiculous but once fear settles in, it is very difficult to shake it off.

Anyway, that’s where I find myself. I just need to learn to be careful without being paranoid.

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Fancy Loo Rolls!

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I love fancy loo rolls – the type that has got fancy little prints on them. They are a little on the pricey side so I don’t put them in all the loos just the downstairs cloakroom that is used by visitors to the vicarage. I usually buy M&S Lavender Toilet Tissue from Ocado the online supermarket. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that they are no longer stocking them! Why??? I have no idea! Instead they are selling ones with Christmas prints which I refuse to buy as they are not versatile!

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Feral Beast

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I have noticed on the rare occasions when we dine out that some modern people no longer feel obliged to follow good table manners or dining etiquette. One of my pet peeves is salad hanging out of one’s mouth!!! I know it sounds hilarious but it is not a pretty sight on an adult human being!!!

I have also noticed that using the necessary cutlery has become optional for these people; they prefer to eat with their fingers. I know that it certain cultures, people eat with their fingers and they do it so elegantly but to try and stuff salad in one’s mouth with the use of their fingers is not a pretty sight!

With that I come to today’s post…..I read in the Sunday papers that a lady woman from somewhere in England has become quite famous through her Tiktok video containing a hack to minimise washing up. According to the papers, before every meal time, she covers her dining table with kitchen foil and plates up her food on the table itself so that her children can eat off the table without the need for plates and cutlery!!!! Please don’t try it at home🤣🤣🤣🤣.

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“See You My Lovely!”

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That was the reply I got from one of my prospective cleaners when arranging for her to come over for a wee meeting! The reply somewhat unsettled me a little because it sounded over familiar. Maybe she was just being friendly but….

I have not met her before but I do look forward to meeting her soon. I had arranged to meet another prospective cleaner last week but the meeting fell through at the last minute. Strangely, I wasn’t disappointed. I did ask her to get in touch to reschedule but she has yet to do so.

The Mhinisteir and I both can’t function in an untidy house so for that reason the house is looking as tidy as possible but boy will I be glad when we find a replacement cleaner!

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Nothing But The Truth, Please..

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These days many of the people that I speak to say the same thing… they have either stopped watching/listening to the news or turn it off when it comes on. Why? According to them they can only cope with so much of bad news.

I don’t know about you but I still listen to the news and read the papers because that is the only way I am able to keep up to date with the outside world. I have two radios – one is programmed to BBC Radio 4 while the other is programmed to the BBC World Service. When one starts naval gazing, I switch to the other. This happens a few times a day!

I do agree that that there is a lot of bad news about but how much of it is true?

I was forced to ask myself that question because here in the UK the energy crisis is one of the main topics that is discussed on a every day (feels like more of an every second) basis. There is talk about many people not being able to afford to turn on their heating or having to buy thermals etc but on the rare occasion that I am out and about, I see people with bags and bags of shopping, talking excitedly about Christmas or even going on foreign holidays. I don’t deny that there is an energy crisis but is the media trying to cause panic?

Last Wednesday evening, I was listening to PM on BBC Radio 4 when a medical doctor came on air to share yet another bad news – a massive shortage of blood supply in England. Needless to say, this was the big news the next morning both in the print and broadcast media.

That evening on the same PM programme, several irate listeners wrote in to say that since the pandemic, regular blood donors like themselves have been denied the opportunity to donate blood because appointments were being cancelled due to staff shortages etc and that they are so fedup of ringing blood donation centres only to be told that there are no appointments available!

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I am feeling a little overwhelmed these days which is why my blog post for Monday didn’t appear. My mind is tired. I get plenty of ideas during the day but by the time evening comes they have evaporated away. I did make notes in my notebook like I usually do but they don’t make any sense when I refer to them!

This was triggered by the grand announcement made by our cleaner several weeks ago – she was leaving without notice! She was encountering marital problems and so needed a fresh start. We’ve had her since day one. I was not surprised by her announcement as there have been tell tale signs for almost a year now.

With the vicarage being both the Mhinisteir’s workplace and our home, a cleaner is paramount. I have been reminded as to how the absence of a cleaner can affect so many things including my peace! Almost everything that happens in the vicarage revolves around the Mhinisteir’s job so we need someone who is trustworthy and can work around our schedule and not vice versa.

In the meantime, I have been trying to do the cleaning and making myself ill! I have not been able to find anyone until yesterday when someone finally replied to my email. Hallelujah! I have a preliminary meeting with them on Friday to discuss suitability.

I pray that it will work out but if not it will be back to the drawing board.

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Mug or Cup & Saucer

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I was never a coffee or tea person until I became a vicar’s wife. Since then, I’ve come to enjoy tea but coffee is a no no as I find it too strong for my sensitive stomach. I like my tea in a cup and saucer – fine bone china with gold rim! I am not a snob. I just enjoy the experience which I find to be very relaxing. Oh by the way, I am not fussy when I am visiting people’s homes.

As a cup and saucer person, I was disappointed to read that Marks & Spencer cafes have swapped cups and saucers to mugs for environmental reasons! I have never been to one but I am quite sure that the experience from drinking from a mug will not be the same. In any case, where will one rest their teaspoon?

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Fakery or Jiggery-Pokery

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A few weeks ago, someone sent me a photo of an old school friend with whom I was at school more than 40 years ago. After school, we lost contact which I don’t regret because as we became teenagers we both had very different views on life.

I didn’t recognise this friend but once the sender jogged my memory, I knew exactly who she was. The first thing I noticed was that she was looking at least 10 years younger. Her skin looked supple with no traces of wrinkles. She was beautifully made up too. She looked really sweet in that photo.

A few days later, I received another photo of another female. Quite frankly, I was getting slightly miffed with the sender as these things don’t excite me. I once again could not recognise the individual in that photo.

The sender once again put me out of my misery and revealed that it was the same school friend! I was really confused because this time this school friend looked much much older compared to the first photo. How is that even possible? Then came the great revelation that the first photo was made possible thanks to filter apps!