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10 days worth of newspapers

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When we got back home from our holiday, the first thing to greet us was a huge stack of newspapers! In case you are wondering if we had forgotten to stop the papers during our holidays? No. We knew full well that this will be the sight that would greet us on our return!

The Mhinisteir still lives in the dark ages where he doesn’t like reading newspapers online even though our newspaper subscription allows us online access. Unfortunately I too have joined him in the dark ages. I just love holding the physical paper.

We now have a selection of the Telegraph, FT Weekend and The Sunday Times to peruse. There is also our weekly local paper, the Church Times and the Private Eye plus the daily papers that continue to get delivered!

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Space Tourism

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I had to laugh out loud when I read the following:

“Personally, I’m quite happy for space tourism to remain a rich person’s sport. Brits in Magaluf are bad enough. Do we really want them in space, banging on the rocket door and singing “Two world wars and one World Cup” to all the passing meteors? Also, at that price, the last thing you want is to get into orbit and find other people have put their towels on all the loungers.”

Robert Shrimsley, FT Weekend Magazine, June 12/13 2021

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One of the advantages of not having a television is that one gets more time to do other things, in my case it is to read.

Here in the Vicarage, we get the Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Church Times, Sunday Times, Private Eye and Le Monde Diplomatique. The one most common theme in these newspapers/magazines is burnout particularly here in the United Kingdom.

The lockdown especially the first one brought some relief to some but the problem that is burnout is raising its head again. Working from home during the pandemic has exacerbated things for most people. There are no boundaries. Bosses expect their employees to be at their beck and call at ALL times since they are working from home. Recently when the Mhinisteir was visiting a bank, the teller told him that because they have done away with call centres in India, she has to do the job of a call centre worker on top of her usual duties!

We no longer have rest days like the olden days when Sunday was a day of rest. They still do in certain parts of Scotland especially the Highlands and in some countries that I have visited like Germany and France where shops are shut. Did you know that even shops like Tesco, Boots etc close on Sundays in certain parts of Scotland?? I for one firmly believe that we need to reclaim our day of rest. Sunday trading laws have been most unhelpful.

I am not at all suggesting that we all start going to church. As a Christian, It will be great if we did but I also believe that God gives us the freedom to choose our way of life.

By the way, if you plan to go to church on a Sunday, I would personally recommend a BCP service! It will be a great start to your Sunday!

I am not even suggesting that we shouldn’t watch television, wash our dishes etc like some strict Sabbatarians do. All I am suggesting is that we try and do things that we don’t do the other six days of the week. Make Sundays special like meeting up with family, cooking a nice Sunday lunch, going for walks or just catching up on sleep/reading. Initially it will be a bit strange but maybe not too strange because that is what we were doing during our first lockdown! Once you have reclaimed your day of rest, you would not want to look back again.

Could this be the answer to the problem that is burnout?

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High Cockalorum

Imagine my shock/horror (delete where appropriate) when I saw the ABC on the front cover of the FT Weekend Magazine on Saturday! What was he doing there? Surely not another interview… While their clergy are working their socks off, both the ABC and ABY appear to be sauntering from one interview to another!

I HAD to read what he had to say. It was very obvious that the interviewer was awestruck. I wasn’t at all surprised by all that the ABC had to say but I was shocked that he felt the need to have an adviser present at the interview. As a man of the cloth, does he not think that he has the best adviser in God?

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Sunday Papers

Here in the Vicarage, after all these years, we have once again started buying the Sunday Papers. For a news junkie like me, it is total bliss!

We used to buy the Sunday paper when we lived in Scotland but we had to order in advance and could only pick it up on MONDAYS. Due to strict sabbatarian laws, most shops including the newsagents weren’t open on the Sabbath.

Since moving to England, we rarely bought the Sunday papers. However since the new year, we have arranged to have the Sunday papers delivered so we get a total of three different papers on different days!

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Mind your language, please!

Every Saturday, I religiously flip through the Financial Times to read Lunch with FT. It is one of the highlights of my week. I love to read about people but also what and where they eat. It is amazing how much you can gather about a person based on their choice of food.

Anyway, this Saturday wasn’t any different. This week, the interview was with a boxing promoter who shall remain nameless. I was livid that the whole interview was peppered with bad language!!!!

The interviewee using bad language is one thing but surely the FT can refrain from printing them in full!

Sadly these days, bad language has become the norm! It is one of the reasons why we don’t have a television. Parents post videos on the internet of their 3 year olds swearing and think it is hilarious! I used to enjoy listening to book at bedtime on Radio four but have stopped because I just can’t cope with the amount of bad language!

Surely, the English language is rich enough without one having to use bad language to compensate.

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How to convert a disused Church into a Home

I came across this article in the FT Weekend House and Home a fortnight ago. It is about buying disused Church of England churches and turning them into residential homes.

I don’t think that I can ever live in a converted Church. I know it will be deconsecrated but…. I will feel sad at every reminder that this used to be a house of worship.

However, some who live in converted Churches say that they feel very safe in a converted Church as they are quite certain that no one would have died in the Church and so it will not be spooky!

According to the article, you can find a list of buildings that are for sale on the Church of England website itself as well as respective estate agents.

If you are a lover of church buildings, then maybe it is time for you to trawl the Church of England website to find your dream home!

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Witch Hunt

I was really pleased to read that the Dean of Christ Church has been cleared of all safeguarding charges.

I knew that there was an investigation going on but after reading the Private Eye it sounded more of a witch hunt.

I don’t know the Dean of Christ Church personally and I am not even sure that I will see eye to eye with this person but this is not the way to treat people.

Once again thanks to the Private Eye for investigating, the same way they brought the Post Office Scandal to light.

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Late Newspaper Delivery

On Saturday, very unusually, our weekend newspaper arrived only at midday. Earlier, the Mhinisteir had to phone old Mrs Patel to enquire only to be told that the delay was caused by Extinction Rebellion’s protests at printing presses.

As I waited for the papers, my mind began to wonder to Scotland. I realised that since moving to England especially now in rural England that I am living the good life! We get almost everything delivered to the Vicarage. Back in rural and remote Scotland, nothing was delivered to the Manse. Simply because there was no such service. We had to travel for 30 minutes just for our daily papers. In some areas where strict sabbatarian rules are in place, we bought the Sunday papers on the Monday as newsagents weren’t open on the Sabbath.

I love to read the weekend FT especially their magazine supplement. It is always very colourful and interesting with articles on wine, food etc. In Scotland, those supplements were often missing or you make the 30 minute drive only to be told that the FT didn’t arrive that day!!!!!!

Here, we get our eggs, milk, meat and fish delivered right to our door. The only thing piece missing in the perfect jigsaw is a good vegetable box delivery. At the start of lockdown, we started getting a local fruit and vegetable box delivered but soon realised that it wasn’t for us because we were not able to choose the vegetables that we required and ended up with wastage which is not right. I have still got bags of chopped butternut squash in the freezer!!!!

On a day like this, I am extra thankful for all these wonderful delivery services that we enjoy! Long may it continue!

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Fried Oreos

FT Weekend, Life and Art, Page 3


Every Saturday,  I eagerly await the paperboy bringing the Weekend Edition of the Financial Times.  Yes, we do get our newspaper delivered and No, I am not in finance so please don’t be impressed!   I just love the weekend edition of the FT. With a section on homes and garden, lifestyle and fashion and a great selection of international news, it is just bliss.

One of the sections that I most look forward to reading is called LUNCH WITH FT.   An interview is done with a well known person at a restaurant of the interviewee’s choice but paid for by FT.  With post covid, the arrangement is slightly different, the interviewer and the interviewee are usually in different countries so they arrange for their own lunch but still paid for by the FT.

We the readers are privy to the name of the restaurant, the dishes consumed and the total cost.  I always make it a point to read this information first before I read the interview.  On rare occasions, I have been put off by the meal choice that I have refused to read the interview.

Last weekend, LUNCH WITH FT was with a Jim Chanos,   I was so put off by his dessert choice of Fried Oreos that I skipped the interview altogether.  Fried Oreos?

Some might say that I should be the last person to comment on Fried Oreos.  Does Fried Mars Bars ring a bell?????