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Veal Burgers & Smoke Alarm

On Saturday evening, We had homemade veal burgers.  I got the mince veal from my Scottish butcher.  I prefer veal to beef as it is tender and easy to cook.  The Mhinisteir likes veal too.

I did all my preparation for the burger on Saturday morning so all I had to do in the evening was to cook the veal burgers and assemble them.

By lunchtime, my usual health woes were beginning to plaque me so I had to have a lie down.  It was soon time for dinner but I was only feeling slightly better.  However, I decided to soldier on and cook the veal burgers.  I am not a fan of barbecues so I usually cook my burgers in the oven.   Unfortunately on this day, the oven got very smoky.  I only had it professionally cleaned about afortnight ago so am not sure what happened there.  The next minute the smoke alarm went off. The Mhinisteir went into an almighty panic and started closing the windows. Yes, you read it right.  He started closing the windows!!!! Why?  He didn’t want the neighbours to hear the alarm.  I thought it was hilarious.  I instructed him to wave a tea towel at the alarm while I started opening the windows.  Thankfully the alarm stopped beeping just after a few minutes and calm was restored in the Vicarage Kitchen.

Oh by the way, The veal burgers were lovely too!!!

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My Secret Cake Stash

I try to have a secret cake stash tucked away in our freezer.

Whenever I bake a cake, once it has cooled,  I cut two small pieces of the cake, put them in a foil and stash them away in the freezer.

On a day like yesterday, when I felt like a cake with my cup of tea but didn’t have any freshly baked cake, I raid the freezer.  I never label my cakes because one is ever so grateful to get their hands into ANY cake (Tried and Tested Method😬) !

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Baking with Rice Flour

Yesterday, I successfully baked my Gluten and Dairy Free |Simple Banana Cake using rice flour.   I have never used rice flour in my baking before so was pretty pleased with the results.  I was forced to use rice flour as I still can’t get hold of gluten free flour anywhere.

You can use the above mentioned recipe but substitute the gluten free flour with rice flour plus half a teaspoon baking powder.



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Left Hand Crochet


Yes! I have finally finished my very first crochet project!  When I was in Secondary School, I taught myself how to do a very basic crochet.  I had to teach myself as I just couldn’t follow any patterns.  It was only later that I realised that it was because I am left handed!

During my teenage years, there were more exciting things to do than crochet so I never picked up the crochet needle again until about a month ago.  One of our armchairs was urgently needing a throw and so I decided to crochet a very basic throw.    It took me about 4 weeks and I am so pleased with the throw.

I hope to tackle Curtain tiebacks as my next project.

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Back to Baking at last!

I baked for the first time today in our Vicarage! We moved here more than a year ago and I have never baked! Why? Because our movers lost my entire box of baking tins etc. These were items that I collected over the years. I was so disappointed but I had to accept that they were lost for good. I used to bake a lot, at least once a week but usually more. Good baking tins are not cheap and I just couldn’t bare the thought of having to start buying them all over again!

I came back from my holiday rejuvenated and so was eager to restart baking. I had to take my health into consideration and so planned to bake something easy.

However, I still needed to buy the necessary baking tins. Just last week, I got some gift vouchers in the post and so decided to use them to buy a Le Creuset Loaf tin and it arrived yesterday which meant I could finally bake. The cake turned out very well and the Mhinisteir couldn’t wait until tea time!!! It was a gluten and dairy free banana cake.

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Calligraphy Success

More and more people have started commenting on my Calligraphy and I am Super chuffed. This time last year, I didn’t think that I would come this far. I am self taught and didn’t know what I was doing. Everything just looked like a big mess. It didnt help that I am left handed. Now, everything looks so beautiful. I am still not confident to post any pictures of my handwriting but maybe one day….

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Knitted Fingerless Gloves

The Mhinisteir and I were each gifted a pair of knitted fingerless gloves for Christmas. It was from one of our many parishioners. It was so very kind and thoughtful of her. We have never owned a pair of fingerless gloves so we are really looking forward to using them. They will come in so useful in the winter months as all our churches are freezing cold. Wearing a traditional pair of gloves make turning hymn book pages very difficult!

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This is insane!

This was the feedback I received after someone received my Christmas card with my Calligraphy hand writing. I was initially shocked but I imagine insane to be the millennial equivalent for impressive?!

Just last week, my hairdresser remarked about my Calligraphy writing and since then a few others have also commented.

Maybe I am finally getting better at it?? I am quite encouraged that my practice has actually paid off and I hope to keep at it and get even better.

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Wedding Flowers

On Saturday, the Mhinisteir conducted the wedding of a young couple and this afternoon the Mother of the bride was at the door armed with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  These flowers were from the wedding!

It was a complete surprise and a really sweet one!

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No handmade cards this year!

I have just been told that I am not to be making any handmade cards for Christmas this year!!!! As you can imagine, I am not happy but the Mhinisteir does have a point.  Given my health condition, it is going to take a lot out of me.

I don’t usually send out Christmas cards.  Instead I send out New year cards.  Back in Scotland , the ultra conservative Christians don’t send Christmas cards as they are of the view that Christmas is a pagan festival.

My reason for sending new year cards is very different reason.  It is purely based on personal experience.  At Christmas, here at the vicarage we receive hundreds of Christmas cards.  I often feel that we are not able to appreciate or read them thoughtfully given that December is a very busy month.

I also noticed that after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, January becomes a very quiet month and you hardly receive anything in the post.  Furthermore sending a New year card means that I can personally thank those who had sent us a Christmas card.

So these are my reasons for sending a new year card but this year I just have to settle for shop bought Christmas cards.