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Bed of Affliction

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Since the first of August, I have been down with some kind of a nasty virus which has wiped the floor with me! Apparently it is doing its round in our area. I have been so unwell that I have not even had time to feel sorry for myself which is not a bad thing. Instead, the Mhinisteir and I have just spent all our time in bed. Yes, he’s got it too!!!!

My sincere apologies to my faithful followers for disappearing without any warning!


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Easter Monday Mayhem (continued)

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By the time, we had finished our breakfast (actually, it was more of a brunch), things were not looking good. I decided to type my symptoms on the NHS website and there was this great big red sign that said that I needed to get urgent medical help. Thankfully, I didn’t panic because I was convinced that I didn’t have what they thought I might have instead I calmly phoned 111. As expected they were extremely busy so I did 111 online as advised on the pre recorded message.

111 online was easy to use and I got a call from a nurse much earlier than the 2 hour time frame that they give you when you contact 111. There were many questions asked and the nurse was not liking my answers so he finally asked me with the Mhinisteir’s help to do the glass test.

He said that I needed to go to the hospital and so to the hospital I went. The Mhinisteir waited in the carpark after dropping me off at reception where I made myself known. Sadly, the older man at the reception kept mistaking me for someone else but he assured me that he did get my name right. This wasn’t A&E so there were only 2 people ahead of me. Soon I was the only one and I still wasn’t called. 45 minutes later the older gentleman from reception came and asked me for my name (again!). The doctor whom I was to see later was chatting away to the reception staff.

In the meantime, there was an incident with a confused inpatient who managed to go for a wee wander. Sadly he was refusing to go back to his ward and so there was a mini army of nurses trying to coax him. Suddenly he started approaching me saying that he wanted to speak to me! Oh no I thought. I really wasn’t in the mood. Anyway, security managed to pin him to a wheelchair and took him back to his ward.

I decided to go up to reception to ask if my name was really on their system to which they said yes and that the doctor was just writing up his notes and will soon be ready for me. I had actually seen him twice chatting away to reception staff. Never mind.

I was finally called an hour later. The doctor did a thorough check and came up with his diagnosis. I was so shocked that I said to him that I am too young to get an older person’s disease! Actually, I am still shocked. The recovery period is about a month and so I hope that by the time this blog post gets published, I am nearly recovered.

ps: I don’t like to read long blog posts and so didn’t feel that it was right to inflict my wonderful readers with a super long blog post thus the two parter😁.

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Easter Monday Mayhem

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As I type this, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because of all that has happened to me in the last few weeks.

I think regular readers will know that I have been writing about feeling extremely tired.

It actually started off one Sunday in March when I was struggling to get out of bed. After forcing myself to rest, I thought I was feeling much better until I had the muscle pull.

The events of Easter Monday has now revealed that it wasn’t a muscle pull that I had experienced and that together with the incident in March, my body was trying to warn me about something sinister that was going to happen.

Anyway, I still wasn’t feeling right on Holy week so I took things a little easy including taking a break from blogging. Instead I spent most of my time in bed either attending online holy week services or typing blog posts and scheduling them to last me for about two weeks. I don’t know why I had scheduled the blog posts but looking back it was a very good decision (God works in mysterious ways!) because my blog would have suffered as I have now been out of action for almost two weeks.

Easter Sunday did not get to a good start. I burnt the Mhinisteir’s Sunday morning breakfast croissants. Then there was the issue with the car which I will write about in another blog post which meant that we were both running slightly late. We made it to church on time but the church wardens were not very well prepared which ended up in another incident which I will again blog about later. Now when I think about the church incident, it is funny but at that time, I was flustered!

By Sunday evening, I could sense that things were not right but I went to bed as usual. Within hours I was in a great deal of pain. The Mhinisteir sensed my restlessness and got me to take some paracetamol. It provided some relief from the pain so we were both able to get a bit of sleep.

Easter Monday came and we decided that we would wait for the surgery to reopen the next morning to see the GP and then drive to our holiday destination after that. Yes, we were due to go on holiday that Tuesday.

In all that agony, I even made us a cooked breakfast that Monday morning! I would like to be awarded the most dutiful wife award😁.

To be continued tomorrow….

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It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

Today has been an odd day so unlike Pooh, I can’t say that it is my favourite day!

I got up, had a shower and spent the whole morning in bed as I am not feeling great. Just the usual health woes. Some days are better than others.

Unusually, I have nothing in my notebook for the blog either. It is really strange because I am usually jotting something down for future blog posts. Maybe I have writer’s block.

Thankfully, I don’t have to write for a living so I am under no pressure to churn out blog posts however I do know that there are some very loyal readers who faithfully read ALL my blogposts. I am eternally grateful to them for making me feel important😁.

I hope to be back tomorrow with something a little more interesting.

Watch the space!

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I took a day off blogging yesterday as I was feeling under the weather. I have been feeling that way since coming back from church on Sunday. I am still frustrated by the lack of social responsibility among the people in England especially folk in church however I do everything that I can do to protect myself and others. I am feeling very tired and have the slightest of cough.

Our clocks went back an hour on Sunday and so I am VERY grateful for the extra hour in bed. I have been bed/pillow hugging for the last two days which has been bliss.

Hoping that the week gets better!

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The M Word

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I am totally fedup with the M word popping up all the time both on the radio as well as the newspapers In case you are wondering what I am on about… it is the M word !😆. I can’t bring myself to type it but this word is used to describe a part of ageing that happens to women in their mid 40s and mid 50s.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for raising awareness. It is very important, for some people it is a matter of life and death but please don’t bang on about it. It becomes very embarrassing when every other female celebrity feels obliged to give the most intimate details.

In this social media era, people feel the need to announce EVERYTHING all the time. Maybe it’s about time that one started behaving with some decorum.

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Horrendous Headache!

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I have had a horrendous headache since the start of the week which is the reason for my absence from the blogging world!

The non stop rain on Tuesday seems to have triggered it and sadly it is still not clearing up yet. The headache I mean! I have not touched my laptop for the last two days but was keen to know what has been happening in the blogging world.

As I type this, the headache is slowly beginning to intensify yet again so I better make this short.

Hope to be back soon.

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My week so far….

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I have been off colour for a few days now. I even spent the whole of yesterday in bed. The Mhinisteir thinks it is due to the disrupted sleep during our short break which has spectacularly upset my system!

The glorious weather has meant that the electric blanket has finally been packed away (again!) and the wee fan has made a grand appearance. It also has meant that I am having to leave the cool bag out for the milkman.

Yesterday, the postman brought a package like the one on Friday and this time he didn’t ring the bell and was able to put it through the letterbox so what was different on Friday??? The parcel was of the same size, from the same supplier and didn’t require a signature because it was a book that the Mhinisteir had ordered but unfortunately the supplier had sent him the wrong copy! The book that arrived yesterday was the correct one.

The strange looking house in our village has finally been sold!

I renewed our Private Eye subscription this morning and boy they certainly don’t make it easy. I HAD to login to my account and I couldn’t remember my password so I had to reset my password. Once I was logged on, I had to remember when our subscription will end which meant I had to go back to the original email. Finally when it came to pay, I realised that I had to pay £2 more because I preferred to pay by PAYPAL instead of direct debit! We enjoy reading the Private Eye immensely so it was worth it!

This morning, the Mhinisteir received an email asking if he would be willing to take on another Curate! I am not saying anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Veal Burgers & Smoke Alarm

On Saturday evening, We had homemade veal burgers.  I got the mince veal from my Scottish butcher.  I prefer veal to beef as it is tender and easy to cook.  The Mhinisteir likes veal too.

I did all my preparation for the burger on Saturday morning so all I had to do in the evening was to cook the veal burgers and assemble them.

By lunchtime, my usual health woes were beginning to plaque me so I had to have a lie down.  It was soon time for dinner but I was only feeling slightly better.  However, I decided to soldier on and cook the veal burgers.  I am not a fan of barbecues so I usually cook my burgers in the oven.   Unfortunately on this day, the oven got very smoky.  I only had it professionally cleaned about afortnight ago so am not sure what happened there.  The next minute the smoke alarm went off. The Mhinisteir went into an almighty panic and started closing the windows. Yes, you read it right.  He started closing the windows!!!! Why?  He didn’t want the neighbours to hear the alarm.  I thought it was hilarious.  I instructed him to wave a tea towel at the alarm while I started opening the windows.  Thankfully the alarm stopped beeping just after a few minutes and calm was restored in the Vicarage Kitchen.

Oh by the way, The veal burgers were lovely too!!!

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Thunder, Lightning & Hailstones

Well that was what the weather was like for us on Saturday.  In fact, the whole of last week was cold and wet.  It felt like as if I was back in bonnie Scotland!

Sadly, I was feeling as rotten as the weather.  Due to health reasons, I spent a lot of time in bed.  I was playing agony aunt for the first half of the week which made me  emotionally tired.   When people share their problems and asks you for advise, you are bound to feel their anxiety and tension. Whatever advise I give has to be done prayerfully.  I don’t like to be known as the Vicar’s wife for this reason….People somehow think that you are holier than them!  They are wrong (obviously) but I don’t blame them.  However, prayer not only takes up a lot of physical energy but emotional energy too.

Thankfully, I am feeling a lot perkier this week even though I am still physically quite tired.