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The Burning Bush

Many years ago, while still living in Scotland, an acquaintance and I together with our husbands found ourselves attending a Presbyterian church service on a Scottish Island one Sabbath evening.

We quickly made our way to the first pew available and took our seats.  In those days, there was pin drop silence in these Churches before the start of a church service.  Within minutes of sitting down…. I heard the acquaintance whisper  to her husband ” They have stolen this from us!!!”  I was quite taken aback by her statement and was anxious to know what she was referring to!!!! I was afraid that the locals might hear her and chuck us out!!!

She was pointing to an image of the burning bush on the front cover of the Scottish Psalter!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! Hang on a minute….How can you steal the burning bush???  The burning bush is the emblem used by almost all Presbyterian Churches worldwide.

It is usually accompanied by the Latin words “Nec Tamen Consumebatur” which means the bush was not consumed.  The bush referred to here is the one that Moses encountered in the book of Exodus Chapter 3 verse 2.

My acquaintance is the daughter of a Church of Scotland Minister (deceased) and Wife of an elder! You would think that she would have known better.  What saddened me most was that when we go to another Church we are very quick to find fault or in this case accuse them of theft!!!!