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No hugging, please…

Photo by Isaac Pollock on Pexels.com

I can’t believe that we have already come to the end of July but boy am I thankful?

As mentioned in my earlier post, I had two social events to attend. Well, actually it was only one as the other was a visit by our young friends from the capital.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, I was not looking forward to both occasions. The visit from our young friends was before freedom day and the garden reception was immediately after that!

Let me start with the visit of our young friends. Due to Covid19, the arrangement was to meet them at a nearby pub for lunch or so I thought. On the morning of the visit, the Mhinisteir announced that they will be coming to the Vicarage. Mmmm…. I thought the whole point was to avoid meeting in an enclosed space. Anyway, they finally arrived and guess what we all hugged!!!! Earlier on, I had told the Mhinisteir that I will not be hugging anyone!!!!!

Off we went to our pub lunch and sadly it was a disappointment. Things were so chaotic and they made us sit in the hot sun with no shade whatsoever!!!! All the food arrived in takeaway boxes!!!! What is wrong with proper crockery and cutlery???? As mentioned elsewhere in my blog, the UK service industry should take a leaf out of the Americans. They know the true meaning of customer service! Despite the chaos, we all had a good time and it was so wonderful to catch up.

Now, let me move on to the garden reception…. I had already decided on my outfit the moment we received the invitation until the Mhinisteir sprung on me the “dress code”! I like dressing up and am never without lipstick but am not a hoarder so I tend to buy a few classic pieces that are going to last me for a very long time. I am pleased to say that I stuck with my decision.

On the day itself, I was very nervous as this event was taking place after freedom day! Anyway, the evening came and off we went. It was a beautiful summer’s evening. The huge garden was beautifully set up. We had a good flow of beverages and canapés. I stuck to fizzy water. At one point, We ended up chatting to a couple while trying to maintain social distancing but it was so difficult as the couple kept moving towards us and by the end we couldn’t move any further as our path was blocked by a large tree!!!!

For those interested in who wore what, sadly, it was quite obvious that for most, very little thought had gone into the dress code. There was at least one person in gym wear!

All in all, it was a good occasion but I am so relieved that my social calendar is empty again!!!!

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The Joys of living in a Vicarage

Tuesday. 10.30am.  The doorbell rang and the Mhinisteir opened the door in his starched clerical shirt looking his usual smart self.   It was one of the Church wardens who decided to come unannounced.  I froze!  Why?  Because at 10.30am, I was just out of bed, still in my jammies with bed hair and tucking into my warm bowl of porridge.  I knew the Church warden was going to come at some point and do some work around the house but he was meant to phone before coming!  These days, this is how I look on most mornings.  Getting out of bed, showering and getting dressed used to take me an hour but these days it seems to take forever.  Somedays I feel so rotten that I am forced to remain in bed until midday so in that context Tuesday was a good day.

I didn’t want the Church warden to see me in my holey pyjamas.  He has only seen me in full face paint.  Yes, not all Vicar’s wives are plain Janes.  I do take pride in the way I look, thank you!  Just that I wasn’t expecting anyone today so didn’t even bother with my silk dressing gown.  I was trapped in the dining room.  I wanted to get upstairs but it was only possible if the glass door between the Mhinisteir’s study and main house was shut!  I slowly tiptoed towards the glass door and found it OPEN!!!! Oh help!  What am I to do?

I sat waiting in the dining room for the next 45 minutes.  Finally the Mhinisteir called out ” He is gone, darling!!!”  Phew! What a relief!