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The Introvert & Zoom

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

I am an Introvert. I can go for days without seeing anybody. I need time on my own to recharge. I find house guests challenging. Over the years, we have had many many house guests in our Manse and Vicarage until my sudden illness. I enjoyed entertaining as I loved to cook but overnight guests (family, friends and strangers alike are a big problem!) I often wonder how I did it. The grace of God!

In a world that seems full of extroverts, I am often mistaken for being shy or on rare occasions not very clever! I am not fond of bible studies, group discussions etc. People expect you to say something and if you don’t contribute they tend to single you out. If you are the Vicar’s wife, they assume you don’t have enough bible knowledge and so not Christian enough!!!! In Scotland, I was often compared to the typical Vicar’s wife is usually VERY outgoing!

As an introvert, I enjoy the freedom I get by blogging anonymously. People I know will be shocked if they were to ever find out that I am behind this blog as they would think that the blog does not match what they think is my personality!!!

Yesterday, was a challenging day Due to lockdown, our church service was online but for the first time it was on Zoom! I joined the service from my study while the Minister was conducting the service from one of the rooms downstairs.

I chose not to “show” my face so I was represented by a black box which said iPad! The service was fine even though I would have preferred to be in a physical church. All was going well until the service ended when the Curate announced that they will randomly divide us into groups so that we can have a short time of fellowship!!!!! No!!!!! I freaked out and quickly left the session!!!! I felt bad but….

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Late Newspaper Delivery

On Saturday, very unusually, our weekend newspaper arrived only at midday. Earlier, the Mhinisteir had to phone old Mrs Patel to enquire only to be told that the delay was caused by Extinction Rebellion’s protests at printing presses.

As I waited for the papers, my mind began to wonder to Scotland. I realised that since moving to England especially now in rural England that I am living the good life! We get almost everything delivered to the Vicarage. Back in rural and remote Scotland, nothing was delivered to the Manse. Simply because there was no such service. We had to travel for 30 minutes just for our daily papers. In some areas where strict sabbatarian rules are in place, we bought the Sunday papers on the Monday as newsagents weren’t open on the Sabbath.

I love to read the weekend FT especially their magazine supplement. It is always very colourful and interesting with articles on wine, food etc. In Scotland, those supplements were often missing or you make the 30 minute drive only to be told that the FT didn’t arrive that day!!!!!!

Here, we get our eggs, milk, meat and fish delivered right to our door. The only thing piece missing in the perfect jigsaw is a good vegetable box delivery. At the start of lockdown, we started getting a local fruit and vegetable box delivered but soon realised that it wasn’t for us because we were not able to choose the vegetables that we required and ended up with wastage which is not right. I have still got bags of chopped butternut squash in the freezer!!!!

On a day like this, I am extra thankful for all these wonderful delivery services that we enjoy! Long may it continue!

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Electric Blanket in the Summer?

Am I the only one who is finding the recent weather a little wintry?  For the past one week, I have been turning on my electric blanket in the evenings!  When I told my hairdresser this, she burst out laughing!  Just that I wasn’t joking.   I have been feeling cold.   In Scotland, It was not unusual for me to have the electric blanket on in the Summer.  Up in the Highlands,  it was turned on throughout the year.  In fact, when I met my neighbours in the summer , the first question would be “what time did you turn on your electric blanket last night”???????

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In Scotland, We always had the use of a oil fired AGA which I absolutely loved.  It was such a pleasure and delight to cook on it. When we moved to England, I had to “learn” how to cook on an electric cooker/oven.  Not that they don’t have AGAs in England but clergy houses usually don’t come furnished whereas in Scotland because we lived in old draughty manses, the AGA was part of the house. The AGA was very useful when there were power cuts.  An AGA is for life which means it is very expensive.  Anyway, My roast chicken was no longer moist and my roast potatoes were not crispy anymore – I just wasn’t getting the temperature right.

Just when I thought  I had gotten over the AGA, I saw a Neptune Kitchens advertisement in one of the magazines and my love for AGAs has been rekindled. It featured a small AGA!!!  I didn’t know that small AGAs existed!!!!  But then how can a poor clergy wife afford an AGA even if it is a small one?   It won’t be practical to own an AGA since we move so frequently but I live in hope.  Maybe one day…..I will be able to cook on an AGA again.