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Netflix kerfuffle

During the winter months, The Mhinisteir and I used to enjoy watching the drama Monarch of the Glen on tv in our highland manse.  Recently, I have been pining for both Scotland and Monarch of the Glen!!!!

The Mhinisteir suggested buying a dvd box set but I wanted something online since buying a box set would mean buying a DVD player. ¬†It was during this time that I came across a Netflix offer whereby you get a 30 day free trial. ¬†I don’t know anything about Netflix but was keen to try it out.

The Mhinisteir gave me the go ahead and so I signed up to Netflix. The registration process just took 3 minutes.  I was impressed!

This afternoon I wanted to find out more about Netflix and how I could start viewing Monarch of the Glen.  To my horror, Monarch of the Glen is not available on Netflix!!!!!  Never mind I told myself.  Surely there must be something we can watch???!!!! I typed Westwing but sadly it too was not available.

Finally I came across something I liked but this time it asked me to download the Netflix app.  What??? How do I do that???? I thought you just had to press play!

Anyway, I decided to use my laptop to access Netflix, this time it tells me that my Firefox is not up to date!!!!! Honestly, I give up.  Just as well I am still on my trial period!!!!

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Glastonbury & Sir David Attenborough

On our way back from the Petertide Ordination, we had to have an overnight stay at Travelodge. ¬†Travelodge wasn’t my preferred choice but that was the only option available. ¬†After that stay, I have come a Travelodge convert!!!

Once we arrived in our room, I crashed into bed while the Mhinisteir catched up on the day’s news. ¬†We do not own a television in the Vicarage so It took the Mhinisteir quite a while to find the BBC NEWS Channel. ¬†By the way, ¬†It is by choice that we do not have a television. ¬†We also do not have any of the subscription channels like Netflix, AmazonPrime etc.

One of the main news headlines for that evening was the appearance of Sir David Attenborough at Glastonbury. ¬†I know Glastonbury is a music festival but nothing more. ¬†But what was Attenborough doing there? Didn’t know him to be a musician. ¬†Curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to sit up in bed and watch the news clip.

Sir David Attenborough was in Glastonbury to talk about climate change.  He received such a warm welcome from the festival goers who were mostly young.  A few were interviewed by BBC News and they all said that they found him so inspiring and that they had so much respect for him.  Really?  In this day and age when we have become youth obsessed??

Unfortunately, Churches are guilty of youth obsession too.  EVERYTHING has to be centred around the young so much so that we have started singing action songs in some of our Churches! The mantra is that the youth are our future!!! Vicars need to have cute boyish looks and chiselled jaws in order to attract the young heathens.

If this is really the case why was Attenborough so well received in Glastonbury? He certainly looked his age with his shrivelled skin and a head full of silver hair.

It was his message that was attractive!  We too in the Church have an attractive message.  THE GOSPEL!!!  Sadly, we no longer find it attractive ourselves and have started to idol worship the young.

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me” – Exodus 20:3