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What’s the fuss about?

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Over the last 10 days or so, I have not enjoyed our daily newspapers at all. It has been filled with nothing but British politics. The country has been engulfed in the revelation that the British prime minister did not follow his own rules and instead held parties in 10 Downing Street when the whole country was in lockdown at different times in 2020 and 2021. It has also been revealed that there was one such party on the eve of HRH Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral!

I for one do not understand what the fuss is all about? I am not a fan of the prime minister but he is our prime minister because the majority voted for him! It is the same people who are now grumbling. It is not Boris who has changed. He is still the same old Boris who has an aversion to the truth and fumbles along.

The public are also angry that the PM was having a party when Her Majesty the Queen was mourning the death of her husband and that because of his decision making she had to sit all by herself at the funeral. At this point, I would like to remind the public that at least she had the opportunity to be with her husband in his dying moments and that she was able to be present at his funeral, something which many many people were denied!!!!!

This of course has given a field day to the opposition. Sadly, I don’t like them very much either😁!

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The newsagent and the cancelled cheque

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We are very privileged to have our newspapers delivered straight to the Vicarage door and so just like every other month our monthly newspaper bill for December arrived a few days before Christmas.

Since I am in charge of the Vicarage household, the Mhinisteir passed me the bill without even looking at it. One look and I knew the figures were incorrect. We had been charged twice.

The Mhinisteir rang Old Mrs Patel who runs the newsagents to enquire. In case you are wondering why I didn’t ring Old Mrs P; she has a soft spot for the Mhinisteir and I didn’t think she liked to hear from me😁!

Unfortunately, it was the son who answered the phone and so wasn’t very helpful. He claimed to have not received the cheque for the previous month. Strange because since the pandemic, I have been paying them by cheque and there has been no trouble until now.

Anyway, I wrote out a new cheque with the new figure. Just then, the Mhinisteir reminded me to cancel the earlier cheque. Cancel a cheque? It was then that I realised that I had never cancelled a cheque ever before! How do I do it?

Thankfully and unusually it was a very straightforward process. All I had to do was to contact the bank in my case the Royal Bank of Scotland and give them the cheque number, the amount and the intended recipient.

Who would have thought that it would be this easy to cancel a cheque?

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The Archbishop and the Chief Whip

In yesterday’s Telegraph, There was a large obituary of Lord Denham: Chief Whip in the Lords throughout Margaret Thatcher’s premiership.

In his obituary, I read about a rather amusing incident that happened in Eton between him (Bertie) and John Habgood, who later went on to become the Archbishop of York.

At Eton, he sat next to John Habgood, the future Archbishop of York. When Bertie sought help in a French test, Habgood replied: “if you can’t do your own homework, you shouldn’t ask other people to do it for you.” Denham considered this a shade un-Christian.

The Daily Telegraph, Thursday 9 December 2021
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10 days worth of newspapers

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When we got back home from our holiday, the first thing to greet us was a huge stack of newspapers! In case you are wondering if we had forgotten to stop the papers during our holidays? No. We knew full well that this will be the sight that would greet us on our return!

The Mhinisteir still lives in the dark ages where he doesn’t like reading newspapers online even though our newspaper subscription allows us online access. Unfortunately I too have joined him in the dark ages. I just love holding the physical paper.

We now have a selection of the Telegraph, FT Weekend and The Sunday Times to peruse. There is also our weekly local paper, the Church Times and the Private Eye plus the daily papers that continue to get delivered!

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Media Circus

Before I go any further, I hasten to add that in the Vicarage we don’t own a television. Actually, we do have an old television (a hand me down) but it is locked in a cupboard somewhere so obviously not plugged in. In case, you are wondering no, we don’t pay TV Licence fee.

Whatever I am going to write is based on a newspaper article so may not be fact.

I read in the Sunday Times that the female BBC newsreader when announcing the death of the Duke of Edinburgh was wearing a brown top and a necklace but within minutes of her announcing the sad news, she had added a jacket to her wardrobe and had REMOVED her necklace! I had to reread the article a few times to understand what was being written. Why did she feel the need to do both? In my humble opinion, she should have been wearing her jacket in the first place sad news or not. Maybe the viewers of the BBC news channel are not worthy of “that level” of respect. I really can’t get my head round as to why on earth she would have felt the need to remove her necklace???!!!

I did wear black to Church on Sunday. I am not a Royalist but it was out of a mark of respect just like the way the Union Jack is flying half mast. By the way, I was the only one in black!

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Bridge News or Birthdays?

As a news junkie, I read the daily newspapers TWICE cover to cover. On Monday, I thought that it was odd that they were no Birthdays (the column where famous people who celebrate their birthdays on that particular day get a mention). How odd I thought? Surely some famous person must have been born on 5 April?

As I scoured through the page, I came across this!!!!!!!

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Sunday Papers

Here in the Vicarage, after all these years, we have once again started buying the Sunday Papers. For a news junkie like me, it is total bliss!

We used to buy the Sunday paper when we lived in Scotland but we had to order in advance and could only pick it up on MONDAYS. Due to strict sabbatarian laws, most shops including the newsagents weren’t open on the Sabbath.

Since moving to England, we rarely bought the Sunday papers. However since the new year, we have arranged to have the Sunday papers delivered so we get a total of three different papers on different days!

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Late Newspaper Delivery

On Saturday, very unusually, our weekend newspaper arrived only at midday. Earlier, the Mhinisteir had to phone old Mrs Patel to enquire only to be told that the delay was caused by Extinction Rebellion’s protests at printing presses.

As I waited for the papers, my mind began to wonder to Scotland. I realised that since moving to England especially now in rural England that I am living the good life! We get almost everything delivered to the Vicarage. Back in rural and remote Scotland, nothing was delivered to the Manse. Simply because there was no such service. We had to travel for 30 minutes just for our daily papers. In some areas where strict sabbatarian rules are in place, we bought the Sunday papers on the Monday as newsagents weren’t open on the Sabbath.

I love to read the weekend FT especially their magazine supplement. It is always very colourful and interesting with articles on wine, food etc. In Scotland, those supplements were often missing or you make the 30 minute drive only to be told that the FT didn’t arrive that day!!!!!!

Here, we get our eggs, milk, meat and fish delivered right to our door. The only thing piece missing in the perfect jigsaw is a good vegetable box delivery. At the start of lockdown, we started getting a local fruit and vegetable box delivered but soon realised that it wasn’t for us because we were not able to choose the vegetables that we required and ended up with wastage which is not right. I have still got bags of chopped butternut squash in the freezer!!!!

On a day like this, I am extra thankful for all these wonderful delivery services that we enjoy! Long may it continue!

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Old Mrs Patel

I have just finished writing a cheque for Mrs Patel who is our trusted newsagent.

When we first moved to our Vicarage, we were looking for a newsagent who was able to deliver newspapers to our home.  We were asked to go to the nearest town and enquire at McColls.  It was a very wet and dark winter’s afternoon but we were determined to get our newspapers delivered.  We walked up and down the High Street but couldn’t find McColls instead found an independent “corner” shop.  We decided to go in and ask for directions to McColls.  That was our first meeting with Mrs Patel!

Mrs Patel was very keen for business and said that she too does newspaper delivery.  By then, I was exhausted walking up and down and decided to go with her offer.  Since then   her service has been excellent.   I suspected that she had taken a shine to the Mhinisteir!!!  She even rings him up at the Vicarage to make sure he is happy with the delivery service and to remind him that his newspaper vouchers are due!!!!!

My suspicions were confirmed on the Monday morning before the lockdown was announced, when I decided to accompany the Mhinisteir to Old Mrs Patel’s shop.   He was going in to pay his bill while I was desperately looking for some writing paper.   It was only my second visit to the shop since our move.  I quickly realised that Old Mrs Patel was a little “cranky” that day!  Ah!  That was when the penny dropped.  Mrs Patel preferred to see the Mhinisteir on his own.

I have decided to stay away from Old Mrs Patel in order to maintain the peace and harmony.  Ha ha !!!!!