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Fried Oreos

FT Weekend, Life and Art, Page 3


Every Saturday,  I eagerly await the paperboy bringing the Weekend Edition of the Financial Times.  Yes, we do get our newspaper delivered and No, I am not in finance so please don’t be impressed!   I just love the weekend edition of the FT. With a section on homes and garden, lifestyle and fashion and a great selection of international news, it is just bliss.

One of the sections that I most look forward to reading is called LUNCH WITH FT.   An interview is done with a well known person at a restaurant of the interviewee’s choice but paid for by FT.  With post covid, the arrangement is slightly different, the interviewer and the interviewee are usually in different countries so they arrange for their own lunch but still paid for by the FT.

We the readers are privy to the name of the restaurant, the dishes consumed and the total cost.  I always make it a point to read this information first before I read the interview.  On rare occasions, I have been put off by the meal choice that I have refused to read the interview.

Last weekend, LUNCH WITH FT was with a Jim Chanos,   I was so put off by his dessert choice of Fried Oreos that I skipped the interview altogether.  Fried Oreos?

Some might say that I should be the last person to comment on Fried Oreos.  Does Fried Mars Bars ring a bell?????



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Oreos is Vegan!!!! Seriously????

I came across an article in a magazine that said the following food items are Vegan!!!! Seriously????? I am not Vegan but I have dairy allergy.

Please don’t take my word for it but do check the ingredients before you consume.

  1. Oreos
  2. Mcvities Hobnobs
  3. Green & Black Chocolates
  4. Pot Noodles
  5. Starbursts