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Witch Hunt

I was really pleased to read that the Dean of Christ Church has been cleared of all safeguarding charges.

I knew that there was an investigation going on but after reading the Private Eye it sounded more of a witch hunt.

I don’t know the Dean of Christ Church personally and I am not even sure that I will see eye to eye with this person but this is not the way to treat people.

Once again thanks to the Private Eye for investigating, the same way they brought the Post Office Scandal to light.

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Private Eye & the Church of England

I was left fuming after reading the latest copy of the Private Eye.   I usually finish reading it in one sitting but this time round it has taken me a whole week.  Too many distractions.

Some weeks ago, There was a story in the Telegraph about an affair between the Wife of former Archbishop Runcie and a former Dean of Canterbury.   According to the Telegraph, the Dean had recently confessed to this inappropriate affair.  Dear Reader, Guess what? There was no such affair and the Telegraph had made it all up.  Despite the pleas from the Archbishop’s family, the Telegraph is still not wanting to put the record straight!

The second story that infuriated me was that the Church of Emgland is currently investigating about 30 Senior clerics in relation to safeguarding.  Why do we have to read the Private Eye in order to be informed?


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Times Radio

I am an ardent fan of BBC Radio Four.  For quite some time, I have been dissatisfied with the quality of some of their Programmes.  For example, Book at bedtime sometimes has too much of violence and bad language.   Totally unnecessary!  Instead of gently lulling one to sleep, it keeps one awake.

Thanks to the Private Eye,  I discovered that a few of Radio Four Presenters have been poached by a new rival radio station called Times Radio.  I had never heard of them and decided to listen to them this morning via the internet.  I only tuned in to catch the hourly news brief.  The wonderful thing is that you don’t need to sign in to listen to them.   It is still early days but I hope that they will be a good alternative to Radio Four.

Radio Four is still my preferred Radio station but it is good to have a good alternative at least to keep them on their toes.

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Old Mrs Patel and the Private Eye

Given that we live in rural England, we subscribe to the Telegraph so that we will be in touch with our parishioners.   To moderate things, we also read the Private Eye.  In fact, we both quite enjoy reading it and always look forward to it.   Before the lockdown, we would just pick up a copy at a newsagent but since the lockdown we have started a subscription.    As our new subscription meant that we would miss out on an earlier issue, the Mhinister decided to get in touch with Old Mrs Patel.  He requested for a one off delivery and it arrived promptly

On Wednesday, our Private Eye subscription arrived but so did Mrs Patel’s!!! Oh dear!  The Mhinsteir was quite sure he told Mrs Patel that it was a one off request.  Knowing Mrs Patel, the one off request might have gone to deaf ears!!!! She is quite cunning that way!

Thankfully, the Mhinsteir has now managed to sort out the miscommunication with her son.