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Waitrose and Shoe Polish

In Friday’s Telegraph, a reader had written in to express his shock at Waitrose’s decision to stop selling shoe polish.

He started his letter by saying that he couldn’t find any shoe polish in his local Waitrose and that it was only when he contacted the head office that he was told that Waitrose had stopped shelving shoe polish as they wanted to make way for more popular items! I wonder what they might be??

This reader ended his letter by asking if we are to become a nation of scruffs. My question is have we not already become a nation of scruffs???

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Left in the dark!

IMG_0087I was reading this morning that the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND has been officially renamed to NATWEST.  Really?  Nobody told me about it after all I bank with RBS.  It would have been nice to be informed of such a big change.   No, I wasn’t expecting a personal telephone call from the CEO.  Just a computer generated impersonal letter would have sufficed.

When I lived in Edinburgh, I used to visit their headquarters often.  Up in the highlands, I used to visit their mobile banks.  I got such a thrill when I saw these mobile banks on the road.  They would be parked in such majestic settings often near the sea.  I have such wonderful memories.  Now with the change they will always be memories.  As I get older, I don’t seem to like changes very much!

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Monday. 5.30am. I was wide awake wondering why my body was behaving a certain way.  Should I be worried?

Radio 4 was playing in the background.  It was the shipping forecast. My favourite! Only because some of the places that I have lived in get a mention!!!

The Mhinisteir and I have a peculiar habit.  The radio in our bedroom gets turned on at 10pm in time for the news every night and does not get turned off until about 8.30am the next morning!

The shipping forecast was followed by prayer for the day led by a Bishop from the Episcopal Church in Scotland and he mentioned the Edinburgh fringe festival.  The moment Edinburgh got a mention my mind wondered away to the time when the Mhinisteir and I lived in Edinburgh.   

I didn’t enjoy my time in that city.  Nothing wrong with the city. It is a beautiful city. It was just me.  I used to hate the month of August because of the Festival!  It was busy everywhere and driving around was a nightmare.  The Royal mile which was near where I worked was filled with tourists and was very noisy.  The streets were filthy and dusty.  On top of that my colleagues and I had to put up with a lone bagpiper on the opposite site of the road for one whole month every year!!!! For that reason I used to hate the bagpipes! Now when I hear the bagpipes, it makes me homesick!

I used to rush back home to the tenement flat that we were renting and shut myself in until the next morning.

My office was also near Edinburgh Castle and I used to look forward to the one o’clock gun. Strangely they have something similar in Nice! It reminded me to break off for lunch.  I also liked Princess Gardens.  The Mhinisteir and I sometimes met up for lunch there. At the weekends, we used to walk up and down Princess Street before stopping somewhere for a quick bite before heading to Church.

I was very happy when we left Edinburgh.  I have since returned to Edinburgh as a visitor a handful of times and have always wondered how it will be to live there again.