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Sleep at last!

For the past couple of years, I have been struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Once I wake up in the middle of the night, thats my sleep gone. My mind starts wondering about everything under the sun and by the time I am ready to sleep, it is time to wake up!!!

For the past few weeks, the problem has gotten worst in that I can’t get to sleep in the first place!!! I have tried reading, lavender oil etc but no I just couldn’t get to sleep.

I just about had enough when I got reminded about a vanity pack that was given to me on board a BA flight last winter. It has never been used! Anyway, I managed to get the eye mask out and used it on Sunday night. Oh my goodness! What a difference it has made to my sleep! I woke up at 10am yesterday and this morning it was almost 9am. Whats more… I had an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night!

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That’s how my week has been so far! I have been feeling really tired and overwhelmed. The lack of a good night’s sleep is the biggest contributing factor. Furthermore, My study desk is cluttered with cards, papers, bills etc that either need filing or attending to. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind!!! This is so true as I have been struggling to update my blog this week.

Things haven’t been going my way either. The Mhinisteir had to remind me that it is not my way that matters but God’s ways. Very true!

Despite being married to a Vicar, Christmas is a very low key affair in our household. Our decorations consist of a wreath , a table top Christmas tree and plenty of poinsettias.

Until today, I have been unable to source fresh poinsettias! Most places have also run out of artificial poinsettia pots!!! For a change, i thought I will put Christmas garlands on the banister and fireplace. Guess what? They have run out of Christmas garlands too! I ordered some red baubles from Tesco but again it was a no show!

Thankfully, I am beginning to feel a wee bit better today. Long may it last!

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Awful night

Unfortunately, that peaceful night’s sleep slipped away.  No fault of the mattress topper I hasten to add.

I kept waking up every hour as my leg was hurting.  Strangely, my body knows in the form of aches and pains when it is going to rain.  The rain was lashing at the window when I went to bed.  I need a barometer I think.  I tossed and turned and hoped for some respite but the respite never came so this morning I walked around like a zombie.  The Mhinsteir suggested that I get back to bed but I know I won’t be able to sleep.

I decided to listen to the Daily Service in bed instead.  It was only recently that I discovered that I could listen to it online as it is in long wave.  I don’t have DAB radio.   I really enjoy the service and so have been making a point to listen to it everyday.   The theme this week is Old Testament Prayers.

Oh help! I have just waved to my postman in my pyjamas!  The Mhinisteir is in a zoom meeting and so I ran (tried to anyway!) to the window to acknowledge the parcel that the Postie brought.  On my way back to bed, I decided to look at myself in the mirror!





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Thunder, Lightning & Hailstones

Well that was what the weather was like for us on Saturday.  In fact, the whole of last week was cold and wet.  It felt like as if I was back in bonnie Scotland!

Sadly, I was feeling as rotten as the weather.  Due to health reasons, I spent a lot of time in bed.  I was playing agony aunt for the first half of the week which made me  emotionally tired.   When people share their problems and asks you for advise, you are bound to feel their anxiety and tension. Whatever advise I give has to be done prayerfully.  I don’t like to be known as the Vicar’s wife for this reason….People somehow think that you are holier than them!  They are wrong (obviously) but I don’t blame them.  However, prayer not only takes up a lot of physical energy but emotional energy too.

Thankfully, I am feeling a lot perkier this week even though I am still physically quite tired.

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Wednesday Night

For me, a good night’s sleep is a premium.  It doesn’t help that I am a very light sleeper.

I hadn’t slept well for the last few weeks and I really was looking forward to a better night as I crashed into bed and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Suddenly I was woken up by a loud buzzing noise.  It was the Mhinisteir’s mobile.    Who was it?  My heart was in my mouth for we don’t get calls at that time of the night.  I was convinced that someone had died!  But no…. it was just someone texting the Mhinisteir from a different time zone.  Arrrgggg!!!!  Within minutes, I could hear his gentle snores but what about me??????  I looked at the bedside clock and the time was 2.40am.  I tossed and turned until 6am before I drifted away.  I was so annoyed with the Mhinisteir for not putting his mobile on silent.

What is it with husbands? One minute they go to the moon and back for you but the next they ruin your beauty sleep!!!!