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That is what I am missing – the smell of rain! Here in our part of England, we have had very little rain. It rained for 10 minutes twice in the last fortnight and that was it. I long for the time when it would bucket down in the early hours of the morning as I lie in bed warm and toasty under the duvet!

ps: Petrichor is the smell produced when rain falls on dry soil.

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Zebra Drive

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With the days drawing in, the temperature slowly dropping and daily reminders of the bleak state the world is in, I needed a book to take me to a warm and happy place. After much thought, I decided to revisit Botswana in the form of Alexander Mccall Smith’s The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency !

Regular readers will know that I am a fan of his. I love the way he goes into details. Recently, some friends told me that even though they found Richard Coles latest novel, murder before evensong interesting, they thought that he had spent too much time on the first three chapters filling them on details! I haven’t read his book yet but I love details!

I went ahead and bought second hand copies of the first few books from the series. I remember reading them for the first time when we were still living in the Scottish Highlands. I had borrowed the books from the library. The books brought such comfort to me during the harsh winter months but somehow I couldn’t remember the story.

The books arrived safely on Wednesday which according to the Times newspaper was Smith’s birthday! What a coincidence!

I have already started reading the first book “The No1 Ladies Detective Agency” but still don’t recall much at all except that I had wanted to pursue my long term dream of becoming an agony aunt! I never pursued that dream! Maybe one day I will!🤣

However, I am so excited to read about all the comings and goings in Zebra Drive which is where the residence of the main character Precious Ramotswe is!

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Grilled or Roasted?

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For the past few days, I have been doing the Times2 Crossword. I don’t know how I got started but I do it while waiting for the Mhinisteir to come up to bed from his study. He has a strange habit in that after dinner and his bath, he heads back to the study where he puts in an hour’s work!

One of the clues on Tuesday was:-

Intensely question; cook (5)

My initial answer to that was ROAST!!!!! The correct answer was of course GRILL which I realised before I turned in!!!!

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The Church is not a Venue!

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Here in the vicarage, the summer season means that the Mhinisteir gets super busy with weddings. He was just telling me the other day that he is already booked up for summer 2025!

However, it is rather disappointing when wedding couples and their guests mistake the Church, a place of worship to a wedding venue. Wedding guests often leave our churches covered in litter like used tissues and sweetie wrappers which the poor church wardens who are volunteers spend hours cleaning up!

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It is not a small world after all!

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Until I started watching the Lambeth Conference a fortnight ago, I hadn’t realised how small my world had become! I was shocked by that unexpected revelation but it was a necessary welcome.

I just couldn’t get my head round to the fact that there was an Anglican church in almost all the corners of this world and that we follow the same liturgy. The bishops who were present at the conference came in all colours, shapes and sizes and spoke different languages reminding me how big the world is! One of the disadvantages of sitting in an old vicarage in rural England is that it is so easy to forget that there is a BIG world out there.

Anyway, it was so wonderful to see the different designs in their violet clerical shirts and to see their wide smiles – hiding the fact some came from very difficult political situations in their own countries. At least one bishop, his wife and baby daughter were living in a refugee camp just for their own safety.

I didn’t think that the Lambeth conference was very well organised. However, I am very grateful that I got to see and sometimes hear from these bishops.

Now I just need to make sure that I do everything in my power to not shrink my world any further!!!!

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5 years a blogger

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According to WordPress, I have been a blogger for the past 5 years! I am pretty chuffed that I have come this far.

Instead of the usual drivel as to why I started blogging blah blah, I have decided to do something different and write about the changes that have taken place in my blog in the last one year.

I certainly have more followers than a year ago. I have also noticed that I have a good number of followers from South Africa – how marvellous! I do have a slight disadvantage in that my blog name “screams” religion and so it may not be attractive to people who don’t do religion. However, I have been pleasantly surprised to have been proved otherwise!

I have become confident as a blogger which in turn has given me the confidence to leave comments in other blogs. I am of course very selective but do leave the occasional comment nonetheless. Despite making it impossible to comment on my blog, I do receive some lovely messages through the contact page ❤. Thank you and here’s to another year!

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Water is for the living not the dead!

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Here in the UK, we are experiencing drought like conditions so we have all been advised to use water sensibly.

Here in the vicarage, we were without water for several hours a fortnight ago. It was only much later that we discovered that it was due to a burst pipe in our area. According to the Mhinisteir, they still haven’t got to the bottom of the problem and so our water flow especially in the shower is abysmal – I do like a good shower! I mustn’t complain because there are people in England who have got no water at all!

Anyway, what I witnessed on Sunday evening infuriated me no end. I still can’t believe what I had witnessed. I had just gone near the bedroom window to open it when I saw someone in the churchyard – who visits the churchyard at 7pm? Thinking it strange, I decided to monitor the person all the while staying put in my position. This numpty had a large watering can and was watering the area around a tombstone!!!!!! After he had finished watering…. wait for it…. he took a second large watering can that was bright red and continued to water!!!!!!!! The forecast was for thunderstorms on Monday so why on earth was he watering the ground and wasting so much water in the process?????

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Please leave hats at home!

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One of the good things to come out of being laid aside in bed was that we were able to follow the Lambeth Conference at our own leisure.

I just wished that the ABC and his wife didn’t hog all the limelight and that he had involved more of the other Archbishops from the Anglican communion.

Anyway, one of the observations that I made at the closing service was that the male musicians in the band had their hats on! Did they not know that men are not supposed to wear hats in Church?

Quite frankly I am not even sure there was a need for the band when the choir was more than adequate. All that the band did was to tone down the worshipful atmosphere and turn the place into a cabaret hall!

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Too hot to work but not too hot to top up the tan

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The UK has been engulfed in the latest heatwave since Thursday. According to the weather forecasters, the heat should ease off from today onwards. The first heatwave was in the middle of July when the temperature reached 40 degrees celcius. This time round it was a few degrees lower.

Most houses in the UK are built to retain warm air so there is no denying that it has been hot.

Our young cleaner refused to turn up because of the heat. I was gobsmacked as there is no outside work involved. Our old stone built vicarage is one of the cooler buildings in the village. The cleaner doesn’t earn if she doesn’t work but that doesn’t seem to bother her especially during this time of high inflation. The Mhinisteir on the other hand had to conduct a funeral at 12 noon when the sun is usually at its hottest. Furthermore he had to wear his full regalia in that searing heat in the Churchyard. To not work is not an option available to him!

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Bishops, behave!

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Those who belong to the Anglican Communion will by now know that the Lambeth Conference kicked off on 26th July and will run until 8th August. For those who are not familiar with the Lambeth Conference, it is a gathering of Bishops from the Anglican communion. I am reliably informed that there are about 650 Bishops attending.

Currently the Lambeth Conference is getting a good bit of media coverage because of disagreements between the Bishops over doctrinal issues; something which I will not be commenting on as it is too complicated and sensitive.

However, I will be comment on how appalled I was to see many of the Bishops using their mobile phones as they processed into Canterbury cathedral for the opening service on Sunday! I could not believe what I was seeing. Most of them were very busy recording on their mobile phones as they processed into church. Of all people, they should have known better that it was an act of worship and so mobiles phones should have been left behind in their rooms!

I think the organisers too have to share the blame as the Bishops should have been well briefed before the service and not after the service had started when nobody wanted to put their phones away. In any case, I am not sure that we need to be told of these things. If Bishops don’t know how to behave in the house of God, then God help us!