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Say it with flowers

Photo by Michelle Leman on Pexels.com

Since the start of the year, I have been unable to add flowers to my online supermarket shop. During the daffodil season, I was able to buy them from Tesco but even that has come to an abrupt end. Morrisons were the only supermarket to have flowers to purchase online but unfortunately I no longer shop with them as they often don’t have the things that I am wanting while Ocado only sells floral arrangements from Bloom and Wild which is way beyond my weekly budget! All I am looking for are just simple flower bunches like roses to add colour to the Vicarage.

I know that some people will look down their noses on people like me who buy their flowers from supermarkets but due to our rural location and my health, I don’t have easy access to florists. I have tried looking at e-florists but they too only do floral arrangements.

I know that with Covid-19 and Brexit, things have become complicated but I also feel that supermarkets spoil us by turning into one stop centres where we can buy EVERYTHING and once we have successfully become overdependent on them, they withdraw services according to their whims and fancies.

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First Ocado Order

Photo by Matheus Cenali on Pexels.com

Last week, we had our first complimentary Ocado delivery to the Vicarage. I am super pleased! Unfortunately, I was not able to experience the wonderful service first hand as I was forced to spend the day in bed but thankfully the Mhinisteir was available to receive the order.

I am all for recycling but I am not an eco warrior. I have an invisible disability which means that to have my shopping packed in bags is a very big help as the Mhinisteir is not always available to receive the shopping. Tesco has been very disappointing on this matter. They have changed their bags policy yet again. I have blogged about my experience here and here. Ocado collect the used bags and apparently you get a refund for bags returned.

Ocado is more expensive than Tesco but it is worth paying a wee bit more as I have more choice. Shopping with Ocado has also exposed Tesco’s hypocrisy on their care for the environment policy. I usually buy Method antibacterial spray and Ecover washing up liquid. I didn’t know that they are meant to be refilled until I started shopping with Ocado. Ocado sells refill bottles for both items but I have never come across them in Tesco!

Sadly, I have not been able to buy flowers from Ocado but it is a small price to pay. All I can hope now is for Ocado to continue with this excellent service.

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Supermarket Mixup

Here in the Vicarage we get our weekly groceries delivered usually by Tesco. Occasionally it will be Morrisons or Waitrose. This week, I decided to cancel our Tesco delivery in favour of an Ocado delivery. I have had an Ocado account for more than a year now but have never been able to get a slot so have never had an Ocado delivery before. I was even beginning to wonder if it was too good to be true that they deliver to our rural village. But then why allow me to have an account if that wasn’t the case?

Anyway, as I was filling my online basket on Tesco.com, I realised that they had run out of most of my usual items. Thanks to my sudden craving for doughnuts, I was also looking for a gluten and dairy free doughnut mix which I soon realised was only sold on Ocado. Without putting too much thought, I logged in to my account so imagine my delight when I realised that there was a slot available for this Friday! I went ahead to fill my Ocado basket and the delivery for Friday was confirmed.

Since I had an Ocado delivery in the bag, I decided to cancel my Tesco delivery.

On Tuesday morning, as I was coming out of the shower, I heard a noise. Strange as the Mhinisteir was out for a meeting and wasn’t expected back until after lunchtime. I wasn’t expecting any delivery either. I decided to check it out anyway in case there was an intruder in the house!

Imagine my horror when I saw the Tesco delivery van driving off!!!!!!! The groceries were neatly left on the doormat! Oh my goodness!!!!! I went to check my email to make sure that there was one confirming my cancellation but sadly there wasn’t one!

I was so looking forward to my Ocado delivery but now I won’t be needing another delivery this week. I decided to go to Ocado’s website and see if I could rearrange my delivery. Thankfully I was able to which means that I will have an Ocado delivery next week.

I just hope that it will be worth the wait!

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Waitrose and Shoe Polish

In Friday’s Telegraph, a reader had written in to express his shock at Waitrose’s decision to stop selling shoe polish.

He started his letter by saying that he couldn’t find any shoe polish in his local Waitrose and that it was only when he contacted the head office that he was told that Waitrose had stopped shelving shoe polish as they wanted to make way for more popular items! I wonder what they might be??

This reader ended his letter by asking if we are to become a nation of scruffs. My question is have we not already become a nation of scruffs???

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Mouldy Vegetables & Censors 2021 among other things.

I decided to have a lazy day yesterday so spent most of my time in the spare bedroom fully dressed. I was tired and had a few things on my mind that were weighing me down. The weather too was grey.

Anyway, my to do list is very long so couldn’t afford a lazy day today. I had to be dressed and ready for the Tesco delivery. As usual, the delivery arrived 20 minutes earlier which was absolutely fine. Unfortunately, I ended up with 2 packs of mouldy vegetables! I do get a little harassed when I deal with supermarket deliveries. It is a pity that the delivery person just stands there and does nothing. They don’t even bother telling you about the substitutes etc. I don’t know how you can put the shopping away and check for substitutes all at the same time!

I only noticed the mouldy vegetables after the deliveryman had left so I had to email Tesco but had to provide images of the mouldy vegetables. It was only then did I realise that I didn’t know how to use the camera on my MacBook! It took me 5 minutes to figure out the camera and another 5 to take the necessary photos so in total in took me half an hour to email Tesco to get a refund. I suppose this is to be expected when shopping online. The good news is I got my refund within the hour!

After lunch, I worked on Census 2021. I was expecting to receive a paper version so was disappointed when I realised that we had to do it online. Since the pandemic, the Mhinisteir is super busy with work. I really don’t know how one man can be asked to be in charge of so many parishes and on top of his usual workload, he is doing a handful of funerals every single week!!!!! The Mhinisteir tells me that he loves his job but I am not happy with his workload. I digress…..It took me about 15 minutes to complete Censors 2021 electronically. It was fairly straightforward but time consuming.

After Census 2021, I phoned the Surgery, hoping to get a telephone appointment with the doctor at some point during the week. According to the voice message, the surgery is not available to the public on Tuesday afternoons. Seriously???

I slowly worked through the mountain of ironing that needed to be done. I must have been ironing like a maniac for there is now a large hole in my new iron board cover!

All in all, it has been a productive day.

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Confusion over Chicken Fry

This week’s online supermarket delivery was from Waitrose. There is usually a shopping list stuck to the Vicarage refrigerator which the Mhinisteir and I use to add items for the shopping basket. One of the items that the Mhinisteir added read “Chicken Fry”. Regular readers will know of the Mhinisteir’s obsession love of Indian food.

I duly ordered all the items on the list and they arrived yesterday morning. The Mhinisteir had a quizzical look on his face when he saw the Chicken Fry. He said “This is Keralan Chicken Fry” to which I replied ” Yes, that’s what you had put on the list”. “No” He said. “It was the Crispy Chicken Fry that I wanted! How am I to know??? I didn’t even know there were two types of Chicken Fry. I wish he had specified it instead of just scribbling Chicken Fry on the pad! I simply typed in Chicken Fry on the Waitrose website and added the first Chicken Fry that appeared!

Anyway, he has magnanimously agreed to give the Keralan Crispy Chicken Fry a go!

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Corona Chronicles

After yesterday’s tier review, we remain in Tier 2 so no change for us. I can’t say that I am pleased. I think we should have been moved to Tier 3 as the infection rate in our area continues to rise.

Since Monday, I have started using my mask outdoors. I no longer feel comfortable without it. In fact, I used a mask today to accept a supermarket delivery.

I am exasperated by people’s blasé attitude. I can’t believe that despite us being in tier 2 folk are in and out of people’s houses. I am particularly annoyed by the Mhinisteir’s colleague and their spouse who seem to have no regard for rules. Rumour has it that this person travelled to a Tier 3 destination and back! The Mhinisteir and his colleague work very closely together so I am naturally very concerned but angry too.

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That’s how my week has been so far! I have been feeling really tired and overwhelmed. The lack of a good night’s sleep is the biggest contributing factor. Furthermore, My study desk is cluttered with cards, papers, bills etc that either need filing or attending to. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind!!! This is so true as I have been struggling to update my blog this week.

Things haven’t been going my way either. The Mhinisteir had to remind me that it is not my way that matters but God’s ways. Very true!

Despite being married to a Vicar, Christmas is a very low key affair in our household. Our decorations consist of a wreath , a table top Christmas tree and plenty of poinsettias.

Until today, I have been unable to source fresh poinsettias! Most places have also run out of artificial poinsettia pots!!! For a change, i thought I will put Christmas garlands on the banister and fireplace. Guess what? They have run out of Christmas garlands too! I ordered some red baubles from Tesco but again it was a no show!

Thankfully, I am beginning to feel a wee bit better today. Long may it last!

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Indian Takeaway

Last night, we had an Indian takeaway. A first in many many years. The Mhinisteir loves a good curry not too hot but sadly I can’t eat Indian food as my stomach is a wimp!

The Mhinisteir usually settles for a Waitrose Indian but since he is on holiday(supposed to be anyway) this week, he decided to try the Indian in our nearest town. We have never been there. This Indian has got a very good reputation and rumour is that it used to be frequented by a former British Prime Minister!

Since they don’t do delivery, I decided to accompany the Mhinisteir to collect the takeaway. It was only while waiting for him that I remembered that the Mhinisteir didn’t have his mask with him!!!! Guess what? They allowed him in!!!. According to the Mhinisteir, they did have spare masks. What a great idea!

Anyway, the Mhinisteir ordered two starters (meat samosa & tandoori chicken) and a chicken main course (Chicken tikka shashil buna) while I ordered chicken nuggets with chips! I was grateful that they had a few European dishes.

All the Indian dishes smelled lovely and were beautifully presented. The Mhinisteir certainly did eat to his heart’s content. I was so pleased for him.

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This & That

For the last few weeks, there have been lapses in my blog posting. Health has been more challenging than usual. Also, the things I would like to write about don’t really need a dedicated blog post each so I thought I will do a summary of the things that I have observed….

Lockdown 2.0 – My observation is that during the first lockdown, there were many people who started blogging and those who were already blogging were posting daily but with Lockdown 2.0 that doesn’t seem to be the case, even those who post regularly have slowed down.

UHT Milk – We get our milk delivered by the milkman but I always like to keep a small carton of UHT full cream milk in our store cupboard. It is nigh impossible to buy a small full cream UHT carton from the supermarkets. They only sell large ones whereas they stock semi skimmed milk in small cartons!

Supermarket Delivery – We got our usual delivery this afternoon. I pay for bags so rightfully all our groceries should come in bags. However for the umpteenth time in a row, some items were without bags!

Emergency clothes shopping – I had to do an emergency online clothes shop for the Mhinisteir. He hates shopping but I could no longer bear the sight of his holey clothes! To be fair he only wears them at home but there are so many holes in them that the clothes can no longer provide him with any warmth! He dresses very traditionally like Jacob Rees Mogg so he is in for a shock when he sees the rose pink cardigan!!!!