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That’s how my week has been so far! I have been feeling really tired and overwhelmed. The lack of a good night’s sleep is the biggest contributing factor. Furthermore, My study desk is cluttered with cards, papers, bills etc that either need filing or attending to. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind!!! This is so true as I have been struggling to update my blog this week.

Things haven’t been going my way either. The Mhinisteir had to remind me that it is not my way that matters but God’s ways. Very true!

Despite being married to a Vicar, Christmas is a very low key affair in our household. Our decorations consist of a wreath , a table top Christmas tree and plenty of poinsettias.

Until today, I have been unable to source fresh poinsettias! Most places have also run out of artificial poinsettia pots!!! For a change, i thought I will put Christmas garlands on the banister and fireplace. Guess what? They have run out of Christmas garlands too! I ordered some red baubles from Tesco but again it was a no show!

Thankfully, I am beginning to feel a wee bit better today. Long may it last!

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Indian Takeaway

Last night, we had an Indian takeaway. A first in many many years. The Mhinisteir loves a good curry not too hot but sadly I can’t eat Indian food as my stomach is a wimp!

The Mhinisteir usually settles for a Waitrose Indian but since he is on holiday(supposed to be anyway) this week, he decided to try the Indian in our nearest town. We have never been there. This Indian has got a very good reputation and rumour is that it used to be frequented by a former British Prime Minister!

Since they don’t do delivery, I decided to accompany the Mhinisteir to collect the takeaway. It was only while waiting for him that I remembered that the Mhinisteir didn’t have his mask with him!!!! Guess what? They allowed him in!!!. According to the Mhinisteir, they did have spare masks. What a great idea!

Anyway, the Mhinisteir ordered two starters (meat samosa & tandoori chicken) and a chicken main course (Chicken tikka shashil buna) while I ordered chicken nuggets with chips! I was grateful that they had a few European dishes.

All the Indian dishes smelled lovely and were beautifully presented. The Mhinisteir certainly did eat to his heart’s content. I was so pleased for him.

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This & That

For the last few weeks, there have been lapses in my blog posting. Health has been more challenging than usual. Also, the things I would like to write about don’t really need a dedicated blog post each so I thought I will do a summary of the things that I have observed….

Lockdown 2.0 – My observation is that during the first lockdown, there were many people who started blogging and those who were already blogging were posting daily but with Lockdown 2.0 that doesn’t seem to be the case, even those who post regularly have slowed down.

UHT Milk – We get our milk delivered by the milkman but I always like to keep a small carton of UHT full cream milk in our store cupboard. It is nigh impossible to buy a small full cream UHT carton from the supermarkets. They only sell large ones whereas they stock semi skimmed milk in small cartons!

Supermarket Delivery – We got our usual delivery this afternoon. I pay for bags so rightfully all our groceries should come in bags. However for the umpteenth time in a row, some items were without bags!

Emergency clothes shopping – I had to do an emergency online clothes shop for the Mhinisteir. He hates shopping but I could no longer bear the sight of his holey clothes! To be fair he only wears them at home but there are so many holes in them that the clothes can no longer provide him with any warmth! He dresses very traditionally like Jacob Rees Mogg so he is in for a shock when he sees the rose pink cardigan!!!!

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Lockdown 2.0

  • On Saturday just before 3pm, we heard that the Prime Minister was going to have a press conference at 5pm. Turned on the radio but no press conference. There was no news as to what time the actual press conference was going to be. I gave up and went to have an early dinner. In the Radio news at 7pm, it was reported that the Prime Minister has announced a second National Lockdown to commence on Thursday. Rumour is that one of the reasons for the confusion with the press conference timing was because of the BBC and Strictly come dancing.
  • There will be no Church services on Sundays but funeral services are permitted inside the Church. On top of that Foodbanks, AA meetings etc will be able to take place inside the Church. The people who came up with these rules obviously don’t know the primary function of the Church. Thankfully the head of the Roman Catholic church voiced his objections. Not sure why it took ABC so long to object!

  • Why is there such a demand for loo rolls? As usual, I got my Tesco delivery shortly after I started typing this. No loo rolls in sight. Don’t need them (yet!).

  • Rumour is that the lockdown will continue into the New Year. I wish people will understand how damaging this Virus can be.

  • For me, life before lockdown is not very different to life in lockdown. However, I will miss going to Church, my hairdresser and the cleaner.

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Free School Meals & Hungry Children

I am saddened that the government is refusing to carry on with Free School meals during the holidays. It makes me furious when I read in the Squalid little rag aka Private Eye that the government is wasting millions on other things while also lining the pockets of its friends!!!

Two Sundays ago, The lectionary reading and sermon were from Matthew Chapter 22 about paying taxes to Caesar. For this reason, I will restrain myself from further criticising the government.

Anyway, back to the hungry children. I’ve decided that on our part, we will increase our monthly foodbank contribution. At the beginning of each month, when I do our grocery shopping, I add a certain amount worth of food and toiletries to our shopping intended specifically for the food bank. At the same time, I remove the same amount worth of our personal shopping from the list. I find it a useful exercise because it must cost me something!

The food bank is such a worthy cause and I hope that more people will contribute towards it and that in a small way, we can prevent adults and children from going to bed hungry.

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An Afternoon of Tidying up & Dairy Free Chocolates

I have just Marie Kondo(ed) my study. I gathered about 2 bags of rubbish. They were mainly boxes that I had “saved” to use for my craft work but as it is always the case they ended up being clutter.

As a reward for all my hardwork, I treated myself to 4 small squares of NOMO Dairy Free Hazelnut Chocolate. I am not a chocoholic but I do like the occasional treat.

I came across NOMO Chocolates last week when I was online doing my grocery shopping and so added a bar to my shopping basket.

I would say that they are the best Dairy Free chocolates that I have tried so far. I would like to think that it tastes like Ferraro Rocher! Did you know that it does not contain nuts? I love Hazelnuts and I was convinced that it contained hazelnuts!!!!!

NB: I am not paid to endorse NOMO chocolates.

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Mangoes instead of Papayas

“So, no substitutes today then?” asked the Mhinisteir. “There is one actually.” replied the Tesco delivery man.

In the meantime, I was standing behind the door, wondering why he didn’t mention it earlier because it is not easy trying to look for the substituted item among the shopping should I not want it. I often reject substitutes as they can be tricky like the time when I was offered Chinese spring rolls as a substitute for my chocolate eclairs!!!!

Anyway, the papayas had been substituted with mangoes which was a fair substitution.

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Improved Supermarket Delivery

Yesterday, I received my usual supermarket delivery. This time it was from Tesco. Compared to the past few deliveries, there was a marked improvement in that the shopping now come in plastic bags – tray liners to be precise. They resemble giant plastic bags without handles.

However, Tesco did not keep to the promise to providing the bags free of charge. They have started charging 40p. Maybe they got wind that this was what Waitrose was doing!

Anyway, whatever the reason, it was a happy ending!