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My week so far…

Photo by Adriana MIU on Pexels.com

It is only Tuesday and I am dead tired. I haven’t been sleeping properly for several days and it is beginning to affect me. Furthermore, July has been a busy month. For someone who rarely socialises, I had two social events to attend and that has taken a lot out of me. I will write more about the social events in another post.

Church on Sunday turned out to be wonderful. In the service I attended, all were wearing masks and we were socially distanced!

In the last three days, I have received two bouquets of flowers. One was a bouquet of Alstromeria while the other was a bouquet made up of beautiful smelling sweet peas. They were both from parishioners from different villages. How very kind! It definitely cheered me up!

At one point, I had so much to write but now I can’t think of any of them! It just goes to show how tired I am.

Hopefully things will improve….

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Sweet Peas for dinner??

About a week ago, I happened to listen to part of a telephone conversation between the Mhinisteir and one of his Churchwardens.  I say listen and not eavesdrop because the Mhinisteir was using the phone in the bedroom and as I was already tucked in bed, I couldn’t move!

Halfway through the conversation, the Mhinisteir uttered the words SWEET PEAS.  The Mhinisteir hasn’t a clue about anything horticultural.  I am no better but I knew that Sweet peas aren’t petit pois!!!

Unfortunately for the Mhinisteir the penny only dropped the next day when the Churchwarden’s husband brought around the Sweet pea seedlings for us to plant in our garden!!!!