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No refund!

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Thursday 19th of January 2023

Last week, we got a stern letter from the TV licensing unit to say that we had written to them to cancel our TV licence and to remind us of the penalty if we were caught watching TV without a licence.

However, what they failed to mention was that according to their website, we were owed a refund but they will not be refunding us as we were not able to produce the necessary documents required. We have a valid reason for not doing so because we do not own the vicarage and so were not able to produce the documents required which only homeowners possessed. It is unfair but that’s the way of the world these days.

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The Day Our Old Television Came Out Of The Cupboard!

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Regular readers will by now know that here in the vicarage, we don’t watch television and thus our old television collects dust in an old cupboard. However, all that changed on Monday! Why? The Mhinisteir and I wanted to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022! We are not football mad but enjoy a good game of football especially the World Cup. We had waited for four long years for this and so were not going to allow the controversies to mar our enjoyment.

The big question was…. will the television work because for the last 5 years it had been sitting in the cupboard gathering dust. It was given to us by someone so we felt that it would be disrespectful to give it away! When the Mhinisteir finally took the television out of the cupboard, it was covered in thick dust. After wiping it clean, he tried to set it up. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful. With technology constantly changing, we assumed that our television was just too old to cope with modern technology. However, the Mhinisteir discovered online that it probably just needed retuning which did solve the problem! Just to put the record straight, we first bought the required TV licence before setting up the television.

The good news is we will get to enjoy good football for the next one month. The other good news is the television will go back into the cupboard after the World Cup Final on 18 December 2022!!

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When Neighbours become good friends…

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It was reported this week that Neighbours, the long running Australian drama will no longer be aired on British television. The reason given is that the television company wants to promote more British dramas.

I don’t watch Neighbours but I used to watch it when it was still aired on BBC one but that was so long ago when the character Susan Kennedy had long thick flowing hair!

I was slightly miffed to read that they were axing Neighbours because I know of many older friends and parishioners who enjoy watching it. Some watch the same episode twice each day; once in the afternoon and once in the evening! I have no idea why thoughūüėĀ.

I really feel very sorry for the older people because bit by bit things that are familiar to them are being taken away from them. Especially in rural places in the UK, the bus services together with banks and post offices are among other things that are slowly disappearing. The little comfort and enjoyment that these pensioners get from soap operas like Neighbours are also disappearing right before their eyes.

Sadly, the Church too has no time for older people. They appear to cater to young people and young families at the expense of the older people who are the stalwarts of the Church.

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It was reported in the papers that a former BBC News head has called on the corporation to stop producing ‘lower grade stuff.’ He was pointing his finger on daytime television and has singled out the popular drama series Father Brown to face the axe. Father Brown? Is he insane?

The Father Brown series which is based on short stories by G K Chesteron is one of the very few ‘clean’ programmes on television. It is not only interesting but thought provoking.

The amount of filth and bad language on television is one of the reasons why we haven’t watched television in years!!!

It is mind boggling to know that some people find good programmes like Father Brown boring!

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Are radio listeners second class citizens?

On Monday, I was eagerly waiting to listen to the Prime Minister’s new lockdown measures. I tuned in to Radio 4 at the said time but there was no broadcast.

I soon realised that the Prime Minister’s announcement was only going to be on Television. Great but how about for people like me without television? Isn’t the message important enough for ALL to hear? When the first lockdown measures were announced in March, we listened to it live on the radio so what has changed now?

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Margo Leadbetter

You will by now know if you have been following this blog that we got a Britbox subscription for the sole purpose of watching the Vicar of Dibley.

One thing let to another and so instead of cancelling our Subscription after the Vicar of Dibley, we conveniently stumbled into Yes, Minister followed by Yes, Prime Minister and now we are going through the Good Life!!!!

Anyway, my favourite character from the Good Life is Margo Leadbetter.  The downside is that she reminds me too much of myself!!!!!

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The Mhinisteir and I have been yearning to watch reruns of the Vicar of Dibley. ¬†DVDs weren’t an option as we don’t have a DVD player. ¬†We gave ours away many years ago. ¬†Anyway, even if we had a DVD player it wouldn’t work as we do not have a television. ¬†However, ¬†this was the only programme we wanted to watch. ¬† I trawled the internet looking for ways to watch it for free online but none were available.

Thanks to Martin Lewis from the MoneySavingExpert, I did accidentally discover that one can watch ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 online without a TV License.  Not live TV though but how fabulous is that?  It is not too much of a benefit to us who are not great lovers of TV but it is useful information.  You never know when you might need these facilities.

Back to my search for the Vicar of Dibley….. ¬†As I was flipping the pages of¬†the Good Housekeeping, I read about Britbox and guess what?, the Vicar of Dipley got a mention. ¬†I immediately signed up to Britbox and found out that you get a free 30 day trial. ¬†For those interested, it costs ¬£5.99 per month after that. ¬† The only problem is we might finish watching all of the Vicar of Dibley episodes long before the end of the 30 day trial !!!!!!!

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The Pope and I

Thanks to the Mhinisteir, I have just discovered that the current Pope and I have something in common in that we both do not watch television. According to a newspaper article, Pope Francis made a vow to the Virgin Mary sometime in the 90s that he will refrain from watching television. Unfortunately, I don’t have such a pious reason for not watching television…… Just that television is not for me.

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The Fire Alarm and The Electric Blanket

Recently, the Mhinisteir and I decided that the only way to get a proper rest on his day off was to disappear from the vicarage. We booked a hotel room for the night and went away to our secret place of hiding. We even managed to have a fabulous meal at Wagamama.

Since we don’t own a television at home, we decided to watch the news on the television before calling it a night. Just then, the fire alarm went off!!!!!! I went into a right panic and started stripping the sheets!!!! The Mhinisteir looked at me in a daze….. for I was convinced that it was the electric blanket that I had brought along from home that had triggered the alarm!!!!!! I was afraid that we would be found out so I quickly grabbed the electric blanket and hid it in our suitcase and it was only then did we go to our assembly point. It was past 11pm and it was cold. There were so many who had run out of the hotel in their pyjamas and were literally shivering.

The fire engine arrived soon after. Their initial investigations revealed that it was the business next to the hotel that had triggered the alarm and that all was well in our hotel. Phew!!! What a relief!!!!! Thankfully, nobody had to find out about my electric blanket!!!!!