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I recently came across the word “convalescence” and an article relating to it. I know what the word means and used to be part of my vocabulary in my younger days but these days I rarely use this word.

The article was written by a GP in Edinburgh who was bemoaning the loss of convalescent hospitals in general. He was really trying to educate his readers about the importance of convalescence.

I am big on convalescence only because my mother and grandmothers were great advocates.

Sadly, in this modern world, human beings have become too busy to convalescence. I know of a young mother who went back to work a few days after giving birth! I am reliably informed that in some parts of Asia, they have something called the confinement period where the new mother is treated like royalty and is pampered with her favourite food and body massages!

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Fragile | Handle with Care

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Early morning phone calls to the vicarage rarely bring good news. This one that came a few weeks ago was no different; there was an unnatural death in one of the parishes. Out of respect for the deceased and their family, I will refrain from saying anymore.

However, I was irked by something I heard on my way out of church that Sunday. Those living in rural areas will know that even the tiniest piece of information spreads like wildfire so it would come as no surprise that by the time that Sunday came, almost all the parishes knew about it.

I wasn’t part of the conversation but this is how it went ” I don’t understand people these days. Life is tough. You just got to deal with it”!

I was incensed for a few reasons. This came out of the mouth of someone whom I am fond off. Someone who has known grief and pain. More importantly, this was immediately after the service when we should all have a broken spirit and a contrite heart.

I was greatly saddened and still am.


Rome — Life Through Basia’s Eyes

Our first day in Rome was already a hundred times better than the last time we were here about seven or eight years ago. That time was in November, and good only for the new spectacle frames I bought. Hoping for more frames this time too, but not that important. Anyway we flew in at […]

Rome — Life Through Basia’s Eyes

For those who are still unable to travel, I hope that you will get some comfort from reading about my blogger friend Basia’s recent trip to Rome. She has published it in three instalments. This is just the first.

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Christmas 2021

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Wishing all readers especially my very loyal followers The Windsor Waffle , Mehrling Muse , A Suffolk Lane , Life Through Basia’s Eyes , Home front on the Hills , Smelly Socks and Garden Peas , Just Being Me , bridgesburning , Dining with Donald , One Dot Short of a Smarties Box , Mr G’s Ponderings and A World Apart a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hope to be back on Monday!


St Nicholas’ day — Life Through Basia’s Eyes

This blog post was dedicated to me by my blog friend Basia on her blog which I have reblogged here. As part of a new project, Basia is blogging everyday for the duration of Advent. Thank you, Basia!

For the Mhinisteir’s wife Today is the sixth of December. For me the real beginning of the Christmas season. This was the day when good children were given a little present and naughty children a birch rod. One year my mother gave me a rod. It was very small and gilded. Very pretty. But a […]

St Nicholas’ day — Life Through Basia’s Eyes


Overnight Stay

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This week is another busy week. The Mhinisteir had more meetings and on top of that we had to be at the Cathedral for a special service which was to be followed by supper for clergy and their spouses.

The trip to the Cathedral meant an overnight stay as it was going to be a long night. I am still very tired from last week and so headed straight back to the hotel after the service at the Cathedral. The Mhinisteir went ahead without me for supper. By the way, I had already informed the relevant people a week ago so that there will be no wastage.

This gave me the opportunity to make some notes of the hotel especially the room.

The welcome at the reception was warm. We were assigned room 6 and it turned out to be a suite. The room was huge!!!! There was a copper bath in the middle of the room. Call me old fashioned but I would be very uncomfortable to use the bath as I consider bath times sacred and need privacy!!!🤣

Anyway, as I was going to miss supper at the cathedral, I needed food. The plan was to just get room service. Upon arrival, I realised that there was no room service menu in the room; I was to ring reception. I also saw that the menu in the restaurant was going to be very limited due to….. Covid19!

I just couldn’t be bothered to ring reception and wait for them to bring me a limited room service menu and then to discover that nothing meets my dietary requirement! I brought some home made salad along and so that became my evening meal.

The room itself was very quiet which meant that we had a good night’s sleep. Unusally for a hotel, the heating in the room worked superbly. It was clean too. All in all, it is somewhere that we would stay again. At £210 a night for the room alone, it wasn’t inexpensive but then a peaceful night’s sleep is priceless!😁



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The month of June has been busy and July is already looking busy. For someone like me life pre covid and post cover is similar.

However since the beginning of June I have had a few important commitments. I am exhausted!

I have made 2 visits to the Cathedral. One was in person while the other was virtually. The Mhinisteir and I attended a service in the Cathedral where one of our friends was made a Canon. It was a lovely service and it was wonderful to catch up with old friends.

The Virtual visit to the cathedral was for the ordination of our Assistant Curate who was making the transition from Deacon to Priest.

I have also attended one garden party. Since then, I have regretted my decision to go as I was very uncomfortable at the absence of Covid safety guidelines. I attended this event as the Mhinisteir’s plus one.

I am due to attend another garden party towards the end of July. It is to be in our Bishop’s garden. Again I am nervous.

In about 10 days time, we are expecting our first visitors to the Vicarage since March 2020! Have I already said that I am nervous??!!

I have decided that whatever the government decides,I am going to carry on using the face mask and maintain my current safeguarding measures.



I have just realised that I haven’t been too much of a fool after all. I have just checked the leaflet that came with the Census 2021 letter. We ARE ALLOWED to complete the survey earlier than 21 March 2021 if we know who will be in our household on that day!

However, I was a fool to believe the letter that was published in the Telegraph yesterday. Lesson learnt.

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From the Vicarage Kitchen| Dairy and Gluten Free Banana Fritters

I had 3 bananas lurking in the freezer drawer. I didn’t want to make banana bread instead I fancied some Thai style banana fritters that I had in a restaurant here some time back. By the way, I have never been to the Land of smiles!

I am no expert but I am quite sure that the Thai style fritters required fresh bananas for they come as a whole fruit with the batter on the outside. It is usually served with honey.

I decided to experiment and came up with my own version using frozen bananas. They were quite yummy with dairy free vanilla ice cream served on the side


3 frozen bananas

100g Rice Flour

A pinch of salt and baking powder

1 tablespoon sugar (optional)

Oil for deep frying


  1. Add the frozen bananas, rice flour, salt and baking powder and mix them all together using a fork.
  2. Heat oil in medium heat for deep frying.
  3. Add the sugar if using to the gooey mixture.
  4. Using a spoon ( I used a teaspoon), gently drop a spoonful of the mixture in the hot oil and fry until it is cooked and is brown in colour.
  5. Drain the fritters in a kitchen towel.
  6. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.
  7. Enjoy!