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December is a month of celebrations for the Mhinisteir and I. Ordination anniversary, wedding anniversary, birthday etc

Just before Christmas, the Mhinisteir booked a night at the Hilton in a city near us to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. The Hilton was very empty mainly because of Covid19 but it look beautiful with the Christmas decoration.

I got a pleasant surprise when I entered the room. It was so beautifully decorated. We were also given a bottle of wine and some posh crisps.

As a safety precaution, We decided that we would have dinner in the hotel. At dinner time, we got dressed and went to the restaurant. A few minutes into it, my health was beginning to play up. I tried to hide it from the Mhinisteir but I couldn’t. He decided that we should go back to our room and order room service. I was disappointed that I had let him down yet again.

Anyway, we got back to the room and ordered room service. I ordered fish and chips and the Mhinisteir ordered ……… (regular readers, can you guess?) a curry!!!!! We also ordered desserts.

About 15 minutes later, room service phoned up to say that they did not have my dairy free apple pie and asked for a substitute instead so I went for the Jude’s Vegan salted caramel ice cream. When room service arrived, they said that they had given us two tubs of the vegan ice cream as a way of apology. How lovely! By the way, the Vegan ice cream was simply delicious. I would very happily have it again any time.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and went to bed very happy. The Mhinisteir started snoring the moment he hit the sack. I had just started dozing off when there was a lot of shouting and banging coming from the room next door. I just assumed that it was a lovers tiff. How wrong! It went on and on and on until the early hours of the morning. I was so fedup that I just wanted to go home! The Mhinisteir was fast asleep apart for a brief moment when he woke up to ask what the commotion was all about!!!!!

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Fabulous Figs!!!


This week, we were greeted at the Vicarage door by these figs from a member of the landed gentry.

The figs were absolutely gorgeous. I turned some into fig fritters. They too were delicious.

One of the wonderful things about belonging to a rural parish church is that there is no division between Jews and Gentiles.  We have a good mix of ordinary folk like me and members of landed gentry who co exist without any problems.

This is not the case in cities: once when I was in a Church in Edinburgh, I was told that that particular church was a professional church meaning it is only for professional people!!!!!  Fancy that????? The Church is for ALL.

The same thing happened again in the English city where we lived.  Folk who came to church from the nearby social housing developments were not even acknowledged.  How ridiculous!!!!




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GU Dairy and Gluten Free Cheesecake


I rarely have shop bought desserts as dairy free desserts are very hard to come by.

While on my wee break last week, I came across GU Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake in Waitrose.  I had to do a double take because it was dairy and gluten free.  How fabulous!  I had to buy it and I am happy to report that I was not disappointed.  I really enjoyed it especially the subtle coconutty taste.  It costs me £3.50 for two.

It was on offer in Waitrose when I was there this afternoon.  I walked past secretly hoping that the Mhinisteir would add it to the trolley!  He did!!!

Now I must try and replicate this dessert at home.

NB: I am not paid by either Waitrose or GU to promote them.



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Trip to Waitrose

The Mhinisteir surprised me today by making a trip to Waitrose.  I say surprise because he left to conduct a funeral and continued on to Waitrose from there.  Since the lockdown, we haven’t darkened the doors of any supermarket.  Due to health reasons, I always get our groceries delivered but since the lockdown the supermarkets have turned their backs on us and I have been so annoyed with them!

Anyway, the Mhinisteir came back with a big grocery shop including lots of goodies for me which included the latest good housekeping magazine and a yummy vegan ice cream called Booja Booja. I am not vegan but can’t eat dairy products.

I was very surprised by the GH magazine because it was only yesterday that I was thinking about treating myself to a copy and no, the Mhinisteir wasn’t privy to my thoughts!  I suppose this is what happens when you are married for a long time!!!!! He did confess to having blown the budget  but I am not at all cross as I think that it was a very lovely gesture – not blowing the budget  bit but going out of his way to buy these treats.

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Oreos is Vegan!!!! Seriously????

I came across an article in a magazine that said the following food items are Vegan!!!! Seriously????? I am not Vegan but I have dairy allergy.

Please don’t take my word for it but do check the ingredients before you consume.

  1. Oreos
  2. Mcvities Hobnobs
  3. Green & Black Chocolates
  4. Pot Noodles
  5. Starbursts