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Wasted on Waitrose!

Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

About a month ago, I got some money off vouchers in the post from Waitrose. I haven’t shopped with them since the pandemic and so chucked the vouchers inside my “shredding” basket.

A few days ago, the Mhinisteir gave me his Christmas gift list for his colleagues which reminded me of the vouchers from Waitrose. I quickly retrieved them from the “shredding” basket and after reading the terms and conditions decided to get all the presents from Waitrose online. I was only meant to spend an hour ordering the presents but ended up spending two and half hours and but no presents!!!

The problems started when I went to the online checkout… The first problem was that some of the things in the basket were out of stock! I had to “shop again”. The second time I went to the checkout it refused to accept the money off vouchers as the delivery date I had chosen was after the vouchers had expired! When I tried to check out for the third time, it said that because I had a newspaper in my basket, the delivery time has to be after 3pm!!!!!! Aarrrggggghhhhh!!!!! It was a complimentary paper so I can definitely do without as we get our daily papers delivered; but who reads their newspapers after 3pm???? The people that I know and I include myself in this read the papers in the morning. The fourth time I tried to check out, it said that the voucher was still not valid as I had to spend £100 instead of the £80; this time it was my fault. On top of all this, I had to pay a £3 delivery charge and if that was not bad enough, the items will come without bags!!!!!! At this point, I cancelled my order and went to do the ironing!!!

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Waitrose and Shoe Polish

In Friday’s Telegraph, a reader had written in to express his shock at Waitrose’s decision to stop selling shoe polish.

He started his letter by saying that he couldn’t find any shoe polish in his local Waitrose and that it was only when he contacted the head office that he was told that Waitrose had stopped shelving shoe polish as they wanted to make way for more popular items! I wonder what they might be??

This reader ended his letter by asking if we are to become a nation of scruffs. My question is have we not already become a nation of scruffs???

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Confusion over Chicken Fry

This week’s online supermarket delivery was from Waitrose. There is usually a shopping list stuck to the Vicarage refrigerator which the Mhinisteir and I use to add items for the shopping basket. One of the items that the Mhinisteir added read “Chicken Fry”. Regular readers will know of the Mhinisteir’s obsession love of Indian food.

I duly ordered all the items on the list and they arrived yesterday morning. The Mhinisteir had a quizzical look on his face when he saw the Chicken Fry. He said “This is Keralan Chicken Fry” to which I replied ” Yes, that’s what you had put on the list”. “No” He said. “It was the Crispy Chicken Fry that I wanted! How am I to know??? I didn’t even know there were two types of Chicken Fry. I wish he had specified it instead of just scribbling Chicken Fry on the pad! I simply typed in Chicken Fry on the Waitrose website and added the first Chicken Fry that appeared!

Anyway, he has magnanimously agreed to give the Keralan Crispy Chicken Fry a go!

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Indian Takeaway

Last night, we had an Indian takeaway. A first in many many years. The Mhinisteir loves a good curry not too hot but sadly I can’t eat Indian food as my stomach is a wimp!

The Mhinisteir usually settles for a Waitrose Indian but since he is on holiday(supposed to be anyway) this week, he decided to try the Indian in our nearest town. We have never been there. This Indian has got a very good reputation and rumour is that it used to be frequented by a former British Prime Minister!

Since they don’t do delivery, I decided to accompany the Mhinisteir to collect the takeaway. It was only while waiting for him that I remembered that the Mhinisteir didn’t have his mask with him!!!! Guess what? They allowed him in!!!. According to the Mhinisteir, they did have spare masks. What a great idea!

Anyway, the Mhinisteir ordered two starters (meat samosa & tandoori chicken) and a chicken main course (Chicken tikka shashil buna) while I ordered chicken nuggets with chips! I was grateful that they had a few European dishes.

All the Indian dishes smelled lovely and were beautifully presented. The Mhinisteir certainly did eat to his heart’s content. I was so pleased for him.

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Supermarkets Bags Policy

I got my Waitrose delivery yesterday afternoon. My main shopping delivery is from Tesco but I use Waitrose for luxury items as such as Booja Booja Vegan Ice Cream!

I was excited about my Waitrose delivery because they were to come in shopping bags. Yes, I am for plastic bags because it is cumbersome to collect your shopping without the bags.

Where am I to leave the groceries? I usually just dump mine in the vestibule while the delivery person twiddles their thumb. For health reasons, it is doubly difficult for me. The Mhinisteir helps me when he can but yesterday he was in a zoom meeting which means I was on my own.

The Waitrose delivery came on time but without the bags! According to the driver, the rules changed on Sunday so you have to opt for bags when you order and pay 40p. I don’t mind paying but when I ordered they had promised me bags.

The same happened with my Tesco delivery twice in the last 6 weeks. I got an email and a text message to remind me to opt for bags should I need them but there were no bags in sight when the delivery came. When the Mhinisteir asked the delivery person he was told that they had run out of bags!!!!!

I do care about the environment but I would like my bags too. I would prefer paper bags to plastic as they are more environmentally friendly.

I am very happy to pay for the bags but please just give us the choice instead of deciding for us!

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Unkind Waitrose Advert

I came across this Waitrose advert in the Telegraph last week. I had seen it a couple of times in the past week but never paid any attention until last Thursday when I actually took the time to read what it said.

I expected a a little more from Waitrose but it looks like basic courtesy has gone out of the window even for Royal warrant holders!!!!

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Stop Shouting, You Numpty!

I was at a Waitrose supermarket recently and came across a fool. As I was browsing through the shelves, I was startled by a loud noise. It was like as if someone was speaking through a megaphone. I was a little concerned and so stopped browsing: I looked around for a member of staff wielding a megaphone but instead came across this NUMPTY who was a fellow shopper shouting to his female companion through his face mask! He obviously doesn’t know the etiquette to wearing face masks

I also came across Stephen Fry at the checkout that afternoon. Actually it was the Mhinisteir who spotted him. At least he didn’t draw attention to himself!

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GU Dairy and Gluten Free Cheesecake


I rarely have shop bought desserts as dairy free desserts are very hard to come by.

While on my wee break last week, I came across GU Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake in Waitrose.  I had to do a double take because it was dairy and gluten free.  How fabulous!  I had to buy it and I am happy to report that I was not disappointed.  I really enjoyed it especially the subtle coconutty taste.  It costs me £3.50 for two.

It was on offer in Waitrose when I was there this afternoon.  I walked past secretly hoping that the Mhinisteir would add it to the trolley!  He did!!!

Now I must try and replicate this dessert at home.

NB: I am not paid by either Waitrose or GU to promote them.



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Our new face masks

IMG_0078Our new silk face masks arrived last week and The Mhinisteir was able to put it to the test the very same day that it arrived.

Since the lockdown, the cleaner is no longer able to give us a fixed day but thankfully she does give us a good few days notice.  In order to maintain social distancing, we try to vacate the house for her.  The Mhinisteir had a few errands to run including a trip to Waitrose which gave me the perfect excuse to get him to try out his mask even though I was afraid he might look like a bank robber which was why I got beige masks instead of black.

While waiting for him in the Waitrose carpark, I noticed that more shoppers are now using the facemasks.   Personally, I think that we should all be wearing masks.

Later in the week, we got another 4 hand sewn masks (pictured) from one of the parishioners!  How kind and thoughtful.