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Banns of Marriage

Photo by Marina Ryazantseva on Pexels.com

Now that summer is upon us, almost every other Sunday we hear at least one Banns of Marriage being read out in church.

In the Church of England, it is a legal requirement for Banns of Marriage to be read out in Church. Banns of Marriage are announcements that are made in the church that the wedding couple are due to be married in. They are read so that it will give anyone the opportunity to give a reason why the couple cannot be lawfully married.

The Banns of Marriage of a couple are read for three Sundays, three months before the actual wedding. After the Banns have been read, the congregation prays for the couple.

When I moved to England and started worshipping in the Church of England, I very quickly realised that these couples whose Banns of Marriage were announced were rarely present in Church. I mentioned earlier that the main aim of the announcement is to give anyone the opportunity to give a reason why the couple cannot be lawfully married. If you don’t even know who is getting married, how can you in good conscience say that you don’t know of any impediment?????????

After all these years, I still find the rules of the Church a bit strange but then it is not the rules is it?? The Church and her Vicars need to be more diligent in imposing them. The couple must be present when their Banns of Marriage is being read. If it is too much of an imposition, they should seriously consider why they wanted to get married in a Church in the first place!. Contrary to what senior clerics promote, the Church is NOT a wedding venue! You can’t pick and choose which bits of the church you like and which bits you don’t.

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Unusual Choice for an Organist!

There is wedding fever in the Vicarage as the Mhinisteir is very busy with weddings and wedding couples.

I happened to be at a wedding myself and was utterly gobsmacked when the organist turned up. It was non other than our present Chancellor of the Exchequer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was my dream/nightmare(delete where appropriate) last night!!!! I honestly don’t know how dreams/nightmares are created but this was a super weird combination. A bit like Mrs Leticia Cropley’s (Vicar of Dibley fame) Orange cake with Branston Pickle icing!!!!!

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The Missing Church Times

I always get very disappointed whenever the. Church Times doesn’t  arrive on a Friday.  Unfortunately, yesterday was such a day.  I even checked with the Mhinisteir to be sure.

This morning as the Mhinisteir was getting ready to conduct yet another wedding.  He told me that the Church Times had arrived yesterday!  Yesterday?  He sheepishly confessed that he had overlooked it and only saw it as he was preparing all the necessary document for the wedding!!!!

In other news, I think I am having to rethink the way I blog.  I often forget what I wanted to post about by the time I get round to typing it out.


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Doc Martin,Vicar of Dibley & Midsomer Murders

Last Friday as I waited at the Doctor’s surgery for my turn to be seen, my mind turned to my blog.  How do readers view my life in a Vicarage??? More importantly, how do I see my life in a Vicarage?

I think I often fail to mention what a privilege it is to be married to a Vicar and to live in a Vicarage.  We share in the ups and downs of our parishioners lives.  Our lives become intertwined with our parishioners that when It is time to move on, there are plenty of tears.  Our parishioners are more than friends but they are not family.  There must always be a professional boundary which can be quite tricky.

As a Vicar’s Wife, I am also sometimes privy to secrets which I have to bring to my grave!

I think the best way to describe my life in a Vicarage is that it is a big mix of Doc Martin, Vicar of Dibley and Midsomer Murders!!!!

Doc Martin – For the comedy and gossip that goes on in a small village.

Vicar of Dibley – For the funny things that happen during a church service like when the organist continues playing long after the congregation has stopped singing!!!!

Midsomer Murders – For all the crime and mystery.

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The Postman Knocks…

Did you order anything?” asked the Mhinisteir as he walked towards me.  He was holding a small parcel in his hand.  No. I hadn’t ordered anything.  “Did you order any books?” I asked.  The Mhinisteir loves his books.  No, he said.

Hmmm… what could it be? The Mhinisteir started unwrapping…. it was a box of chocolates!!!! A box of chocolates???? From whom????

There was also a wedding photo of a young couple beaming and at the back of the photo were some words of thanks addressed to the Mhinisteir!

The Mhinisteir had conducted their wedding about a fortnight ago and the box of chocolates were a thank you!  How kind!!  As I mentioned in my earlier post….

Over the years, the Mhinisteir has never heard back from any of the newly weds that he has married off!  This is the second time in about two weeks that this has happened.

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A Wedding & Two Cupcakes!

When we came home this afternoon, we found two little cakes boxes on our doorstep.  Two little cake boxes containing two very pretty cupcakes.  There was no note but I guessed it was from the newly weds.  Newly weds???

At the weekend, the Mhinisteir conducted the wedding of a young couple and I am pretty sure that the cakes were from them.  Over the years, The Mhinisteir has conducted many weddings but this is the first time this has happened!  Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture on the part of the wedding couple.