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Wheelie Bin Tales

I have lived in many different parts of the United Kingdom with very contrasting wheelie bin policies that it can get confusing.

In our current location, we have one slimline black bin and 4 huge green bins! Until recently, I hadn’t realised that we needed another bin of a different colour for our garden waste. What? I didn’t know about it earlier because our former gardener took away the garden waste for £10 per bag! Usually he will fill at least 2 bags! Heaven alone knows if it was just all our garden waste!!!!!

I got in touch with the council for a garden waste bin but was told that I had to pay just under £60 for a garden waste bin. In my previous locations, I never had to pay for garden waste.

Since we have a new gardener, I decided to go ahead and order a garden waste bin.

In another news, yesterday was the first time our wheelie bins were due to get professionally cleaned. I had so much trouble finding someone to do it. In the city, we had a man who came and did all the cleaning inside his van.

Anyway, the people came to wash but it turned into a mini drama as we couldn’t find the valve to turn on the tap outside and so the cleaning didn’t happen! Ah nice! (just like how Hyacinth Bucket’s brother-in-law, Onslow would have said!!!!)