Meet the Neighbour

I had ordered a Le Creuset kettle for the new vicarage and due to our unavailability, It was left with our neighbour! Unfortunately, I don’t know any of our neighbours except that our immediate neighbours have 2 German Shepherds that roam their garden freely. Anyway, with the Mhinisteir in tow I went to collect the kettle. I also brought along a bouquet to thank them. Thankfully the dogs were not around. Mrs Neighbour seemed quite nice and was very appreciative of the flowers. She introduced herself and said she lived with her partner who was away at that time. She even invited us in to the house which we politely declined!!! I was too afraid of the dogs. They look fierce!!!!


Break in at the new vicarage

Break in at the new vicarage

We had to stage a break in at the new vicarage just five days after our move. All because I had locked ourselves out when we went to see a visitor out. Thankfully the Mhinisteir managed to get hold of a glazier to replace one of the broken glass door panel. He turned out to be a neighbour. It was lovely to get to know him but what an expensive way to get to know one’s new neighbour!!!!!!