Did you personally reject the letter? asked our namesakes.  The mhinisteir reassured them that we did not and that we hadnt even received the so called letter that our namesakes were referring to.

This incident happened during Holy Week.  One evening the Mhinisteir and I were coming home after an evening service when the mhinisteir informed me that there had been several missed calls from our namesakes.  This was really odd as our namesakes never phone us instead they only write to us.

We were both very concerned as we began to think the worse.  We were on the phone to them the moment we got home.  Thankfully all was well with them.  But what was the urgency? It transpired that our namesakes had written to us three weeks ago but then the letter was returned to them two days ago with the sticker rejected by sender.  Our namesakes were shocked and saddened that the letter was returned to them.  They had assumed that we had rejected it personally and were so heartbroken that they couldn’t sleep for two nights!!!!!

Thankfully they finally decided to ring us and find out the truth.  The truth was that we never got the letter.  Our namesakes got our post code wrong and it went to somebody else.  What confused them was that the letter had been opened and sealed again!!! So our namesakes concluded it was we who opened it and rejected them.  They basically concluded that we didn’t want to be friends with them anymore!

Two days later, the said letter arrived.  This time in a special delivery envelope!!!!

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