Auld Reekie

We recently had to make a trip to Auld Reekie.  I was very excited about it but also very nervous at the same time as this would be my first long trip on the train in a while and we were coming back home to No 130 the same night!

I was so nervous that I began to panic.  I have lost my confidence and was so afraid that I might have a panic attack on the train.  I don’t like constrained space so I struggle on planes etc.   The Mhinisteir very kindly booked us both on first class.

We both enjoyed the trip to our old home so much.  The train journey was wonderful even though it didn’t get to a good start.  I have to have the front facing seat which the Mhinisteir had dutifully reserved.  However once we boarded the carriage, there was a man in our seats.   The Mhinisteir politely told him that we had reserved those seats to which the man replied that there are no reservations on first class!  I almost blew my top!!!! Thankfully the Mhinisteir is a very patient man and he pointed out to the reserved slips that were above the man’s head!!!!!  He slowly took his stuff and moved.  He didn’t even apologise for sitting on our seats.

I was so annoyed but soon cooled down.  The food on board the train was good and the crew was very friendly.  It was just wonderful to hear the Scottish Accent!!!!

We both felt so relaxed in Edinburgh.  Nobody ran for their trains, no car horns and we found that the people smiled quite a lot!!!! Needless to say that I was wishing that I was back living in Scotland.   The train journey back was excellent too.  The Mhinisteir had a beef rendang on board the train and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I stuck to my homemade peanut butter sandwich thanks to my food allergy.

I was super tired and struggled to sleep that night but it was certainly worth all my effort and energy and I would love to go back again!

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